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Gotham's lucky number

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[center][img]http://uyl.me/files/89249954239660100495.jpg[/img] [img]http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h411/Muddog89/Flag1-3.png[/img][/center]

Here at Gotham, we like making treaties that form stepping stones to bigger and better things. Case in point, our newly upgraded treaty with RIA. This is another one of those stepping stones. Without further ado, allow me to present to you a PIAT between Gotham and that [i]notoriously[/i] [i]ballsy[/i] alliance, Organization XIII.

[font="Lucida Console"][size="4"][font="Arial"][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][size="5"] [center]The Gotham XIII Accords [/center] [/size][/font][/font] [/size][/font]

[b]I. Preamble[/b]
This treaty shall serve to promote the common interests and friendship between its signatories, Gotham and Organization XIII.

[b]II. Sovereignty[/b]
The signatories shall remain sovereign entities and in no way does this treaty impede such sovereignty, nor shall either signatory attempt to use this treaty to limit the sovereignty of the other.

[b]III. Non-aggression[/b]
The signatories pledge to peaceful relations with one another. Neither signatory shall commit acts of hostility, including but not limited to espionage, military aggression, or verbal abuse against the other signatory.

[b]IV. Intelligence[/b]
Should either signatory receive intelligence that is relevant to the security of the other, they shall share such information without hesitation unless other treaty implications stand in the way.

[b]V. Aid[/b]
Should either signatory my request assistance of the other signatory, the assistance is highly encouraged but in no way required and is limited to financially, or diplomatically.

[b]VI. Trades[/b]
Both signatories agree to work together for the mutual benefit of each other in terms of establishing, maintaining, and managing trades of individual members. This is to include current and future trade circles. This clause does not obligate either party to act in anyway, but paves the way for such interactions.

[b]VII. Termination[/b]
Should either signatory decide that this agreement no longer represents the best interests of their respective alliance, they may cancel this pact. In such event, notice must be provided to the other signatory in private, after which a seventy-two hour period will pass during which all articles of this agreement shall remain in effect.

[i]Signed for Gotham[/i],

Mayor: Helena Cain
City Manager: Diabloz
Director of Foreign Affairs: Protoa
Police Chief : Jaybooker
Treasurer: CaptainRedSorrow
Deputy Director of Foreign affairs: Hadrian
Deputy Police Chief: Kommander
Gotham Highschool Headmaster: NoMutantAllowed

[i]Signed for Organization XIII[/i],

Queen - Empress Spragorius
Princess - Leora
Captain of the Guard - |Burns|

Prime Minister - Muddog

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[quote name='porksaber' timestamp='1305670241' post='2713856']
I congratulate these two alliances i've never heard of and support them in whatever they expect to get out of this pointless treaty.
Save it next time, captain cool.
Congrats gotham and xiii. Even with all the drama, i still like you Gotham.

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