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PFJ news : One month old.

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A month has been completed since PFJ, the force that will, in due time, alter the course, the substance, the very physis of Digiterra, was brought to life under the cactual shade of our beloved protectors.

Our deeds during this month have been fabulastic!

We went through many phases.

Firstly, we recruited quickly as hell to go past 15 members.

[center][i][b]New to the game? Then join PFJ![/b][/i]
[i][color="#FF0000"][b]Inappropriate images are not good for your warn level health.[/b][/color][/i]

And indeed we did so :


Then we got bored of that, and we taught the new guys a few things, tech deals too. Our tech/infra ratio seems to be orite now.


Then we went really high-tech.

Firstly, we got a new flashy redirect for our forums : http://thebrightsideoflife.info
Then, we started using google docs in our military.
Then, we got a page on FB : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peoples-Front-of-Judea/202286336470152
We still need 4 more people to "like" us to get all the features working though. So, "like" us!
And so on.

We don’t really think that any of these things will have, as such, any serious impact whatsoever on the development of our alliance. However, we do hope that all you tech freaks out there will be impressed and [i]join us in mass[/i].

Oh, we got a Minister of Silly Walks (minister of finance) orite, but for the time being he is just keeping the seat warm for the next one. So if you are good at finance, join us and claim the position.


-[i]The PFJ's Anarchosyndicalist Commune Having Witnessed The Violence Inherent in The System.[/i]

[IMG]http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/2616/wwwr.jpg[/IMG] [/center]

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Thank you guys, I wish you all the good things too :) .

Heh, it's funny how many milestones you can get if you look around a bit. For instance, we also broke 1000 posts and 200 topics today :


We 've been talking :P .

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The Aeroplanbau government, relayed through the proper channels, issued the following comment on the issue of PFJ's relative antiquity:

[i]"We are both humbled and pleased to see that an alliance such as yourselves has managed to grow. At the advent of your establishment, many in the Foreign Ministry were doubtful that your alliance had much staying power. This has been, obviously, proven false and those detractors (you will be happy to know) are now eking out existences as used-car salesmen."[/i]

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1 Month? I'm proud of you all..and Imma let you finish...but Knights of Ni! are still the best Monty Python themed alliance of ALL TIME!

lol jk :P...but seriously good to see you all still around even if it is a 1month milestone

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