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Joint TORN and TNG Declaration

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[center][i][b][size="6"]Treaty of Swagger - Bad Meets Evil[/size][/b][/i][/center]


[b]Preamble[/b]: I reckon you ain't familiar with this treaty but, you know, there's a story behind this. It all happened a while back- There I was, waiting to meet my other half- In order to feel 'complete'. I stood there, and saw this new guy strolling by while singing "Meet Me Halfway". "It's perfect, this is just meant to be", I thought to myself....

[i]*Cinco Minutos Despues*[/i]

We now present to you the [b][i]Treaty of Swag[/i][/b]

[b]Article 0[/b]: [i]He's Evil, and I'm Bad like Steve Segal[/i]

His Royal Thickness will be referred to as the 'thickness' by Confusion unless he forgets, which is likely.

[b]Article I[/b]:[i] This is What Happens When Bad Meets Evil[/i]

This is quite possibly one of the most complicated parts. Once Bad and Evil get together- They're like a ying yang; Close but different. In order to stay sane, we both agree not to conspire against each other or do anything that may hurt the other.

[b]Article II[/b]: [i]Hello? (Billy) Aiyyo what's up (we're comin to get you)[/i]

STOP, They know it's us! If one of us ever receives a phone call relevant to the other one, which may or may not put them in jeopardy- We agree to get together and share the information.

[b]Article III[/b]:[i] Got shot in the back comin out of that ol' saloon[/i]

Should one of us be shot in the back, the other is bound to jump in and shoot the other guy at the request of the one injured. When it happens, and it will happen- We will help each other and plan everything accordingly; Whether it's putting away the guns and throwing money at the other or talking with the $%^&@#s who dared to $%&@ with us.

Since we both agree hoes come before bros- If one of us gets shot because of an external source we decided to help- This becomes optional.

[i]Quickest damn gun slingers I've ever seen[/i]

We both agree that we can get into two cars and accelerate at each other as well as burn peoples houses down together- This is optional, though. It all depends on how sober we are.

[b]Article IV[/b]: [i](He's insane) No I'm not, I just want to shoot up and I'm pissed off[/i]

If one of us ever feels the other is insane and just can't agree with each other- We both agree to provide a 72 hour notice to the other about our intentions to become legal.

[b]Article V[/b]: [i]I used to be a loudmouth, remember me? (uh-ah)[/i]

We all agree Curzon is full of Swagger.

[i]And that's the story of when Bad Meets Evil[/i][/quote]

Signed for [i][b]The Order of Righteous Nations[/b][/i],
[b][color="#808080"]Triumvirate[/color][/b] - [i]Bill Kristol, Pringles, Schwinghammer[/i]
[b][color="#FF0000"]Führer[/color][/b] - [i]Lews Therin[/i]
[b][color="#4B0082"]Representative[/color][/b] - [i]Cave Johnson[/i]
[b][color="#FF00FF"]Dear Leader[/color][/b] - [i]Rory Delap's Magnificent Weapon[/i]
[b][color="#0000FF"]Minister of Everything[/color][/b] - [i]Bernie Madoff[/i]

Signed for [i][b]The New Guy[/b][/i],
[i]Chao5[/i] of [i]Soul Plane II[/i] - [b][color="#FF0000"]President[/color][/b]; The 13oss... Intermediate TE Rogue
[i]Orange[/i] of [i]Very Annoying Orange[/i] - [color="#483D8B"][b]Vice President[/b][/color]; Also known as the 'sexy' one- King of Disguise.

[i]Nuklear Disaster[/i] - [color="#FF8C00"][b]Marshall of the Interior[/b][/color]; I'm Coming Home!!!
[i]Julius Ceaser the 9th[/i] - [b][color="#FF8C00"]Marshall of Foreign Affairs[/color][/b]; King of Rome...
[i]YoUnG MoNeY[/i] - [color="#FF8C00"][b]Marshall of Economics[/b][/color]; Why are you so mad?
[i]King of Kings[/i] - [color="#FF8C00"][b]Marshall of Defence[/b][/color]; Living Nightmare

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[quote name='SoADarthCyfe6' timestamp='1305232802' post='2710824']
Wait, you guys didn't have a treaty yet? :P


This is an upgrade from the "Get Up, Get Down With It" Accords.


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