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Disbandment/Merger Notice

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After nearly four years, Genesis has decided to call it quits. We have had a good run, making many new friends and allies along the way. We've been fortunate enough to enroll and educate some awesome members. Some of them are still around, some have moved on to other worlds. We have had been fortunate in our allies as well. For those who have stuck by us through thick and thin, we appreciate it. We will always remember the good times, and I am certain many of us will stay in contact.

The legal stuff:
The members of Genesis have voted to merge into New Polar Order. As such, New Polar Order has agreed to protect the Genesis AA for a period of 30 days from this notice. All treaties of Genesis are considered null and void, they will not be carrying over.

Other stuff:
I suck at shoutouts, but those closest to us know who they are.

/s/ for Genesis

/s/ for New Polar Order
His Imperial Excellency RandomInterrupt of Amber, Eternally At Fault. Diplomatic Shark, Mr. Sith Lord Bear, Caliph of the New Desolate Order, Minister of Sexual Healings, The Baconator, Theodore Roosevelt, In GE's Quit Message, Comrade of the Glorious People's Glorious Revolution, Scourge of the OWF, Genesis Minister of Awesome, favored son of Walford, Savior of the Disillusioned, God-Emperor of Mumbai, Destroyer of the Betrayers, and Clint Eastwood's inspiration. Also, Wisconsin.

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As indicated in the OP The New Polar Order will be protecting the Genesis AA from any and all acts of aggression for a period of 30 days. Genesis has been a great friend and ally to Polaris and myself since day one and we will do all we can to honor them.

Emperor of Polaris

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I've known some of you guys for a very, very long time, and the loss of a great piece of history is truly saddening. But while I mourn Genesis, I will be quite pleased to see you making your new home where I have made mine.

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Very sad to see this. You are a fantastic group of people and I'm sad to see that this is the end of Genesis. But I'm glad to see everyone staying in Polar. I wish you the best and luck in your new home.

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