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DAWN Is Two Years Old

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[color=orange][u][b][size="7"]DAWN's Second Anniversary[/size][/b][/u][/color]

Fellow Citizens of planet Bob,

The Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations celebrates its second anniversary today. Two years ago, three of us decided to realize our vision of an alliance based on true friendship, liberty and equality.
A tiny alliance of DAWN's type making it to its second birthday is never obvious. However, we are here and we are proud of what we have achieved.

Our second year found us in the war with Gramlins, at the aftermath of our defeat in the Bipolar war. Together with our friends in IRON, we were finally able to eventually make them give up their outrageous demands. Then we had to pay the heavy reps agreed upon at the end of the bipolar war.
Such conditions are not a promise to any alliance, let alone an alliance as small as DAWN. However, we were able to finish paying the reparations fast, with the help of friends. While our obvious friends were there to help us, our efforts at the time were supported by friends we did not know, or hardly knew, about until then. This won't be forgotten and we still appreciate the help we got at that time.

One of the founding principles of the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations open democracy. This means that all information is available to all members and they are encouraged to take part in our internal discourse and communications with other alliances. Naturally, some members are more interested in politics than others and serve more in government positions. However, I can proudly say that all members, without exception, took the opportunity to get involved in our community life.

In the last year we were able to formalize our long standing special relations with the Grand Lodge of Free Masons in an MDoAP. We value our friendship with the Free Masons a lot and are proud to call them allies. At the same time, we strengthened our relations with our other allies, TORN and IRON, improved communications and, through other means, further solidified our relations with them.
We also etablished  and advanced friendly relations with quite a few other alliances. With or without a treaty, we see them as friends and are happy to work with them.
As always, we are extending a hand of friendship to everybody who is willing to cooperate with us in any way they see fit.

As one of DAWN's cofounders, I am happy and proud of our community and how it operates. We are looking ahead for the challenges awaiting us in our third year and hope that it will be as good as the previous two.

You are all invited to celebrate with us in our channel, #DAWN.

Golan 1st
The Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations

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