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The Republic of Novus Niciae

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An old man's voice begins the narration.

Where to begin?

Well I suppose I had best start at the beginning in the traditional way.

Once upon a time many years ago, there was a nation that was great and good, its achievements were many and it was a place of wonders. And it was ruled over by a prime minister with a fair and just hand. It was as close to an earthly paradise as such things are possible. And he oversaw many great projects that made this nation the envy of the world, and that I suppose was the part of the problem that lead to its fall, envy can be a terrible thing.

Now as this nation grew it was decided that the most trusted adviser of the prime minister, his very own twin brother would set out and place a colony on the moon as its praetor and this colony would in time be a twin nation to its parent. And for a while they prospered and grew together and their trade between each other would enrich all the citizens of the republic and their allies. But then the inevitable happened to the elder of the two siblings, his success earned him the ire of less fortunate rulers and the skies rained fire, and the republic burned and nothing was left. Save for the colony on the moon, having saw the fate of its twin it cut off communications with the world and hid the signs of its existence on the moon lest the enemies of its twin seek to further vent their jealous rage upon them. They dug deep into the lunar surface and learned techniques that they could survive, mining the water ices near the pole they soon learned how to split it into the hydrogen they needed for fuel and the oxygen the needed to breath, they also mastered hydroponics so that they could provide for themselves the food they needed to live which could no longer be imported from their homeworld lest they give away the secret of their continued survival. and they retreated into themselves.

This is the chronicle of these times.

(OOC: This RP is in no way related to CNRP at this point in time, although I am drawing on the backstory of my old CNRP nation for introductory flavor text, And yes the narrator is an unreliable narrator who has a very stilted view of history and an over-inflated sense of the importance of the old country. For now this is just an amusing story I have chosen to write and place in fantasy RP)

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