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Death Before Dishonor announcement

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[center]An announcement from:[/center]
[center][size="7"]Death Before Dishonor

Good Evening/Morning Planet Bob. Let it be known that of this moment, the Alliance Affiliation "Order of the Dragon" is hereby under the protection of Death Before Dishonor. Their right to peacefully exist will be protected as if it were our own.

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[quote name='Hetman Vladislav' timestamp='1305124896' post='2710121']
There are two variations of the word depending on whether you are British or American. Did you know?
Far be it from little old me to speak for Doitzel, but I reckon he probably did know.

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Honor or Honour, doesn't quite matter as it all sounds the same - I personally use both, depending on the people I'm speaking/typing with.

But back to the topic at Hand:

I am proud to have signed the treaty and announcement that you have feasted your eyes upon.

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