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Announcement from NEW

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Dear Citizen,

Few Hours ago our Scientists have discovered a NEW symptoms in Nusantara Elite Warriors,
and it is our responsibility to announce it to the public...
Today, Nusantara Elite Warriors passed 5 Millions NS for the 1st time in History.
This is not healthy, I really hope none of you fine alliances got infected..

That is all..

signed on behalf of NEW members,

Cyrus0321 - Mahaprabu
SangAr - Mahapatih
gantanX - Tumenggung


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[quote name='K1L1On1Mr4' timestamp='1305092329' post='2710007']
Hope our next milestone will increase rather than back into usual 3mil milestone announcement :wub:

Jaya Nusantara :nuke:

So much this! Good luck NEW! [img]http://static.kaskus.us/images/smilies/sumbangan/smiley_beer.gif[/img]

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