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Ursalian protection


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Near the southern border of the Nova Coimbran Diocese, hundreds of troops were converging in several formations - and continued to grow in numbers. The Diocese Governor of Nova Coimbra, stationed in Bastion, received orders from Ursalia City to deploy Army units stationed within the Diocese to their destinations, as well to allocate the necessary resources needed to support the troops such as food shipments, supplies, and equipment, and the like.

The general purpose of this wasn't immediately known, even though several officials in the Nova Coimbran Diocese government suspected that it may have had something to do with restoring law and order.

Indeed, their suspicions were correct. Army generals alongside the southern Nova Coimbran border received orders from Army High Command to move into what was known as the "uninhabited regions" located to the south of the Empire (and east of neighboring Cascadia). They were to assume control of the regions, impose law and order, prepare the region for eventual independence, and assert Ursalian power in the North American continent.

So, the troops truly crossed the border, some in Humvees, others in C-130 transport aircrafts. Altogether, approximately 5,000 troops were to occupy the region and establish an Ursalian protectorate there. Over the course of several hours, several cities such as Helena, Grand Falls, and Billings were occupied; Ursalian troops began setting up the frameworks of a protectorate government in Helena, which was to serve as the administrative seat. Continuing southwards, the Holy Ursalians moved into what had been historically referred to as Wyoming: Casper and Cheyenne were occupied. Army troopers began setting up temporary checkpoints alongside the new protectorate's borders.




"Troops of the Imperial Ursalian Army have been dispatched into the 'uninhabited' region to the south of the Holy Ursalian Empire, to the east of Cascadia, to the north of the Confederation of American States, and to the west of Missouri. The Holy Ursalian Empire has taken action to establish law and order in this aforementioned region as a prerequisite of preparing it for eventual independence. By this, the [b]Holy Ursalian Protectorate[/b] is hereby proclaimed. Until independence, the new Protectorate will be placed under the Empire's protection.


It is by this note that we announce the [b]Norton Doctrine[/b]. Under this Doctrine, in any case any nation that forms out of our protectorate lose control of its lands for any reason, including but not limited to war, anarchy, or natural disaster, that nation's lands shall immediately revert back to a Holy Ursalian protectorate, and the Empire shall have every rights as a sovereign nation to enforce this through any means. Effective immediately, the Doctrine shall apply to the Holy Ursalian Protectorate as well as any lands that the Empire takes on as a protectorate in the future (the Doctrine will not be applied if it would conflict with another nation's doctrine of a similiar nature)."[/quote]

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