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Oceanic Union Announcement Concerning Greater Pacifica


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It is with great sadness that we announce we have lost communication with the government of Greater Pacifica. An exploratory expedition has been dispatched to New Wellington to assess the situation and military forces are being prepared to intervene and restore order on the behalf of the Oceanic Union.


Per Security Council Resolution,

The 1st Task Force, the 3rd Task Force and the 5th Mechanized Division shall prepare for immediate deployment on a humanitarian mission to the islands of Greater Pacifica.

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[b]Dispatch to the Oceanic Union from the United Federation of the East:[/b]

The United Federation of the East's military forces are already positioned in and will continue to be using Hawaii and the Mariana Island Chains where we have significant military facilities and operations already in place. We wish you luck in the rest, although if Greater Pacifica returns we urge their return of Sovereignty.

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At this time we have confirmed anarchy within the territories of Greater Pacifica. The 5th Mechanized Division has been mobilized to act as a peacekeeping force and maintain order until a new government may be organized. Humanitarian aid contributions from all nations are welcome, however we ask that military contributions be limited to Oceanic Union member nations.

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Selenarctos apologizes for the prior announcement that was based on poor information and a miscommunication between Security Division Command and the team dispatched to New Wellington. Greater Pacifica is still stable and the Selenarctan soldiers will not be entering Pacifican territory.

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[quote]Classified Transmission to the First Director of the Selenarctos Security Division
From: Office of the August Imperator

Subject: Greater Pacifica


Regarding movements against Greater Pacifica, this is not the first time that this has happened. While we are not going to fault Selenarctos for wanting to take action to ensure others do not, we do urge that Selenarctos not take unilateral action. As the UFE and Selenarctos are allies, we find some actions today troubling. Our specific objections include:

[b](1)[/b] Requesting no other nations outside the OU assume a role in restoring order in GP. This puts order would put your forces within a direct path of conflict with the UFE as it would involve the presumed seizure of UFE multiple major military bases within Greater Pacifica. Greater Pacifica chose to enter and maintain these agreements after it chose to withdraw from the Oceanic Union. While we are not unsympathetic to your position regarding the whole of Greater Pacifica, we do feel in this particular manner your actions seem very questionable considering the alliance between the United Federation of the East

[b](2)[/b] The Oceanic Union is not the only regional defense treaty regarding the Greater Pacifican territories. The Pacific Harmony Accords, which Greater Pacifica is a part of no doubt has a stake in Greater Pacifica's territories, particularly though located further North of Indonesia, including the Marshalls, Marianas, and Hawaii. While There is little doubt New Zealand and those surrounding Islands fall under Oceania, moving without contacting PHA or its members who retain basing rights for each other's facilities seems likely to provoke a split and disrupt peace in the Pacific. This is especially true if future moves (god forbid) are done without any sort of consultation.

While my government is happy to recognize the Asgeirsson Doctrine within reason, it strikes us as unreasonable if this was just applied to all islands in the entire Pacific Ocean. After all Taiwan, the birth place of this current Chinese nation, was denied membership in the Oceanic Union. Further territories like Hawaii were acquired by conquest from nations not part of Oceania. We urge our allies in Selenarctos to communicate with the rest of the Pacific, especially those within the Pacific Harmony Accords to avoid taking unilateral action which could lead to misunderstandings if not outright hostilities with your allies. This is especially true because for major military bases with strategic capability, such as Guam.

If you wish to meet on contingency plans regarding the territories of Greater Pacifica, I would be happy to make senior officials or myself available to meet with your representatives at earliest mutual convenience.


Jia, August Imperator of the United Federation of the East[/quote]

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[quote]Encrypted Reply to August Imperator Jia
From: Selenarctos Security Division
BCC: Oceanic Union Member Nations

[b]Subject: RE: Greater Pacifica[/b]


I apologize if recent actions have caused undue concern with one of our strongest allies. While the majority of Greater Pacifica lies within the boundaries set forth by the Asgeirsson Doctrine, it is true that Greater Pacifica also governs land outside of this boundary and that in the future, other states may exist under similar circumstances.

First, our request for Oceanic Union forces only has been standard policy for all Oceanic Union protectorates to ensure a smooth transition and provide a single command structure during the process. Surely you understand the need to restore a governing body as quickly as possibly but in an orderly manner. Combining multiple militaries into a coherent force at the same time would only delay this process.

Second, we had no intention of seizing the property of any government. As during the insertion of Oceanic Union peacekeepers into the Queendom of Australia (the largest operation undertaken by Oceanic Union peacekeeping forces), any agreements with the former-government would be upheld provided they did not violate international laws or human rights. Once a new government was organized, the Oceanic Union would have referred the United Federation of the East to said new government to renegotiate any standing agreements as we referred the Kingdom of Cochin to Zoadoe Islands for the Cochin facilities in New Guinea.

Third, once order had been restored to the islands of Greater Pacifica the Oceanic Union would have reevaluated our position and holdings. Both the Kingdom of Cochin and Sri Lanka were seceded territory formerly a part of the Queendom of Australia after these sections outside of the Asgeirsson Doctrine were deemed better suited to be governed by other nations. Such an transaction surely would have been considered for the UFE and other nations, given the spread out nature of the Pacifican holdings.

Thankfully however, none of these actions were necessary as reports of anarchy within Greater Pacifica were mistaken. I hope this has alleviated your concerns for the Oceanic Union's course of action, and reaffirmed the Oceanic Union's position. If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact my office or the Oceanic Union directly.

[i]Marcelo Bonifacio[/i], First Security Director[/quote]

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[quote][b]To:[/b] Director of Security Division Selenartos, Office of the Governor General for the Union of the Southern Cross, Foreign Ministry of Minilla Islands
[b]From:[/b] Office of the August Imperator, United Federation of the East
[b]Subject:[/b] Regards to Greater Pacifica

[b]Body:[/b] In regards to Guam, the entire Island is currently and has been for a time directly UFE administered territory, even if it is not UFE sovereign. We must request that the OU refrain from intervening there, as most of the territory has been maintained by and houses a substantial population of our citizens. The Island has almost an exclusive military or militarily related population and most of the infrastructure was built and paid for by the UFE. Thusly, in any future scenario we feel we are within our rights to say that even if the rest of GP falls into anarchy, Guam has not.

In regards to the Hawaiian Islands, our presence there is somewhat less overwhelming than Guam. Our feelings are that this should be at minimum jointly administered between the OU and PHA, with continued operations at Pearl Harbor unimpeded. In regards to Islands south of Guam, we feel this could be OU administered.

Our proposal would be that because of the already standing significant presence of UFE forces between the Marianas and Hawaii, the PHA take the lead in future scenarios in regards to these territories. The OU take the lead in territories lying south of these areas as well as in non-Pacific Areas. I do not see that there would be any real delays in PHA leading in the areas we've outlined as our troops are already stationed in these territories and thusly are much closer to take action.[/quote]

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[quote][b]To:[/b] Office of the August Imperator, United Federation of the East
[b]Cc:[/b] Director of Security Division Selenartos, , Foreign Ministry of Minilla Islands
[b]From:[/b] Office of the Governor General for the Union of the Southern Cross

[b]Subject:[/b] Re: Regards to Greater Pacifica

While a junior member in the Oceanic Union Accords, the Union of the Southern Cross must note that the Oceanic Union has always been limited to a more geographically regional focus. Even if contact with Greater Pacifica were lost, we do find that it would be on the side of unacceptability if we were to take responsibility of most of the Pacific archipelagos. The Oceanic Union, to remain effective and not overstretch its own resources, must stay a regional treaty. Going outside these boundaries risk losing that regional 'feel' of the original OU accords that, at least, the Union of the Southern Cross felt when it signed these accords more than a year ago.

New Zealand and the Solomons Group would definitely plausibly fall under the Asgeirsson Doctrine, and plausibly be put under OU stewardship, [i]if[/i] Greater Pacifica were to fall. But it may also be in the best interests of all parties if the Southern Cross, being the steward of much of the Southern Pacific (if Greater Pacifica were to fall), take direct protectorate over these territories. Our naval forces are best positioned [i]for[/i] these tasks, and it would not burden other members of the OU if it were our responsibility. The Pacific Harmony Accords [i]would[/i] be better positioned to oversee any other possessions in the outlying areas of the Pacific, as it lies outside of the Oceanic Sphere of Influence.[/quote]

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