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The Empire of The Near East


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Nations of the world, people far and wide, we the People of the Rebel Army Protectorate, announce that we wish to separate from the Rebel Army and create The Empire of the Near East. We are a peaceful nation that is kind to those who are kind to them, but are not to be pushed around. We elect our lord, Emperor Mathesus J. Parentopoli as the new Emperor. We are fair and kind to all who wish to be friends, and friends we wish to be. We, hereby, declare ourselves a sovereign nation. We ask those nations of this world to honor us.
Eli-al-Mulim:Chief Secretary of the Emperor
Larkus Elphina:Prime Minister and Chief of Parliment
Mathesus J. Parentopoli:Emperor of the Near East

Ratification by Parliament’s Peoples Senate of the Near East: 98.3%

Ratification by Parliament’s Imperial Lord’s Council of the Near East: 100%

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[quote name='MarioPar' timestamp='1305078345' post='2709888']
OoC: Btw, how long will it take. Ive noticed nations that were recognized literaly in 2 minuets from declaring independence.
OOC: It depends on the activity level of the protector. Lavo's activity can be sporadic, but he'll be on when he needs to be.

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OOC: This is odd... You don't need permission; that spot shouldn't have been marked on the map, my policy with protectorates is that they are essentially open land. Apologizes for getting to this so late. For future reference, the best way to get in touch with me is to PM me ingame.
IC: The Empire is recognized by Rebel Army.

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The Kingdom of Cochin recognizes and welcomes the Empire of The Near East. As regional neighbors we request permission to send a diplomatic delegation to discuss certain matters of mutual interest.

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