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[b][size="5"]Akitsushima Declaration of Independence[/size][/b]

Following the official creation of the state of Akitsushima by the United Federation of the East, the Provisional Government of the Autonomous Region of Eastern Japan does hereby declare itself to be the official governing body of the territories which it has claimed, which it has obtained via official declaration by the United Federation of the East as well as an official, near-unanimous plebiscite of the regions which the Provisional Government has claimed to be under its jurisdiction as the main governing body of the State of Akitsushima.

The people of Akitsushima wish to, as a people, thank the United Federation of the East for a brief and humane period of occupation. The people of Akitsushima are quite happy with their new state and also thank the United Federation of the East for allowing this state to exist independently of the Federation, so as to provide more effectively to its own people.

Akitsushima awaits the reactions of other nations of the world. We can only hope, that now that the people of Akitsushima have taken the steps necessary to gain their independence, that the many nations of the world will recognize this and allow us to continue to be an independent, recognized state.


[b]Ministers of the Republic[/b]
Prime Minister Miyamoto Takahashi
Foreign Minister Ryuunosuke Kobayashi
Defense Minister Hideyoshi Matsuzaka
Internal Minister Isamu Musashi
Finance Minister Akane Toyota
Health Minister Daisuke Suzuki
Education Minister Kokoro Matsuzaka
Infrastructure Minister Nobu Nobunaga
Agriculture Minister Abe Honda

[b]Parliament of the Republic[/b]
The First Parliament of the Republic of Akitsushima

[b]The Citizens of the Republic[/b]
The Citizens of the Republic of Akitsushima do hereby ratify this document by a vote of 98.7% in favor.[/center]

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