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The Decleration of the Independence of the United People's Constitutional Democratic Federal States and Provinces of Mateneria


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We the Lords of the Grand Duchy of Matenia, province of the United Imperial Soviet Empire of Newbonskiland , with Grand Duke Mathesus Acrian Maxium Jordan Parentius, hearby declare our separation from Newbonskiland and declare democracy. The grand work of the ancient Greeks allowed this day to come. The proof that people overpower the world will not allow one person to rule over us all. So we hearby relinquish all titles relating to the UISEN and declare the independence of The United People's Constitutional Democratic Federal States and Provinces of Mateneria. The UPCDFSPM, or Mateneria for short, is determined to spread peace and prosperity to all. Except those named by the evil, those known as LORD UMEBOSHI, who is out to destroy us all. We must form an alliance against him. We must protect the new people of The United People's Constitutional Democratic Federal States and Provinces of Mateneria.

The People's Ideal Senate
Senator: 4 from each province
Can override veto with 3/4 majority
Party System, majority party leader is Senate President and Vice President
Makes Laws
The President of the UPCDFSPM
President has veto powers over senate
President signs bills into law
President can declare war, but must be shown to senate first
President controls tax rate, but must be shown to senate
President is Commander and Chief, Head of State, Head of Central Intelligence, Head of IRS, Head of Federal Banking, Head of Counter terrorism, Head of Agriculture, Head of Corrections, Head of Education, etc.
Run by Grand People's Federal Court
10 Justices, appointed by senate and president

Bill of Rights:
Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, Etc, etc.

Army: President Head, followed by Generals Committee, made up of Seven 4 star generals
Navy: President Head, followed by Admirals Council, made up of 5 Admirals
Air Force: President Head, followed by Airman Command, made up of 6 Flight Generals

We hearby declare our nation soverign.

Mathesus Parentius
Nikoli Pumbasa
Natehineal Bodnerisa
Raymondeus Berrieus
Christopher Buzeus
Randolf P. Achricius

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