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Kingdom of Rhodes


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Diplomatic Dispatch:
Re: Rhodes Independence

May 09, 2011

Nations of the world, under the guidance of the King of Rhodes, Alexandros Vassilis, and the Parliament, under Prime Minister Gregorios Spiridon, it brings me great joy to announce that the island of Rhodes has sought for and attained independence from the Athenian Federation. Diplomats of Rhodes will be sent to any and all nations seeking relations with us. Though our nation is but a tiny piece of the world's much larger puzzle - we shall not shy away from protecting our own. Our nation's armed forces shall be organized and commanded by the Commander of the Knights of Rhodes, the lone surviving organization of the Knights Hospitaller who once used Rhodes as their command center. As a tribute to the men and women who preserve this nation's sovereignty the people of Rhodes have adopted the flag of the Knights of Rhodes as the official flag of the Kingdom of Rhodes. Though we are a peaceful nation, we nevertheless recognize that in this day and age a nation without military instruments is doomed to be swallowed. Let us hope that our tools of war may never have to be used. May the Kingdom of Rhodes survive a thousand years.

Sincerely yours,

Matthias Andreas
Foreign Secretary
Kingdom of Rhodes

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OOC: Woo, Yawoo's back! \o/


"The Holy Empire of Ursalia warmly welcomes the Kingdom of Rhodes to the world. We will send an Ambassador as well appropriate diplomatic officials to the Kingdom of Rhodes; in return, you are welcome to establish an Embassy in Ursalia City."

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