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We of CyberMeTimbers have stood for too long as G-6 and their long time allies "Lady Gaga" and "Far East Movement" have ravaged Planet Steve with their crappy music and meat dresses


We have tried relentlessly to have the pawns of oppression, G-6, throw off their shackles and instead change their name to something a bit more bearable


However, words have fallen on deaf ears! Can we honestly just sit here and watch as they kill off our childhood memories one after another?!


Months upon months G-6 have stood in the shadows of their evil allies and simply stated "NO U" as they and their allies trampled upon any sort of resistance that stood against them all the while trying to place the blame somewhere else


G-6, we did not ant war, you have forced our hand. We had asked you repeatedly to [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urNyg1ftMIU]Make Love and Not War[/url], however the time for pleasantries are over. We shall see you on the battle field

Now Behold our warflag!


And to all you lurkers out there thinking that out war is not justified:


tl;dr This is a real war against G-6 so don't go closing this mods ;)[/center]

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[quote name='Overlord Wes' timestamp='1304972234' post='2709173']
Wrong board?

yea :/ i swear it's been too long since i looked through the TE boards

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