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To End The Problems

Kaiser Martens

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Solemnly and with a surprisingly quiet engine, a light armored vehicle in black approaches a large manor in Helsinki. There is a white odal rune painted on the vehicle's front, and when it parks by the entrance its side opens out automatically, downwards to form a brief staircase.

A tall man, which seems to be absurdly tall and disproportionate due to the fact that he is almost impossibly thin steps out. His very long, cascading black hair upon a pale face and rather blunt green-blue eyes make him seem somewhat of a ghost or spectre as he moves along to meet a Finnish Delegation, as appointed and arranged by both governments. An Einherjar, which looks as if he were a small tank himself follows him around. They quickly identify themselves,

"Eirikur Albrecht-Karlsson, Germanic Union, Foreign Affairs, here to serve." He then motions to the Soldier and adds, "My Loyal Bodyguard." - He checks his watch, "We are just in time, it seems."

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The Korhonen Presidential manor was to be welcoming giants today, and the entire mansion was sprung to life.
The Germanic envoys were greeted by the president in the foyer.
"Good day, gentlemen. We both have tight schedules to keep, so lets skip the ceremonies and get straight to it. Herr Alrecht-Karlsson, what have you brought from the Germanic government?"

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"I think that we should put a final end...to one of Europe's longest-standing yet most easily forgotten conflicts. The Finnic Tribes and the Germanic Tribes have been infighting ever since both first encountered one another in Europe, and my Government is frankly ashamed not to have been able to anticipate Sweden's intentions so as to stop it. In the end, after all these wars, we all ended up...badly."

"There are parts of Finnic Nature within our borders, and of Germanic Nature within yours. I feel that in order to secure peace of the longest-term, it is time that we all set the record straight. Our far north region is called Finnmark, the name should as is make things obvious...out of this region, the whole mainland is still of Finnic Origin and they speak a language related to your own, a dialect one may say. That is why we wish to offer you all of Finnmark minus the Islands, which remain Scandinavian-speaking."

"At the same time, while Sweden obviously wanted to take all of Finland for their own imperialistic lust, they did use one relevant fact to try and push their agenda. A sector upon the northwestern Finnish Coast [i]does[/i] have a Swedish Speaking majority, and some areas even speak Swedish exclusively. We would like to control these areas ourselves, therefore forever sealing and solidifying our borders."

"That is not enough. If Sweden were to strike again, we would in fact like to protect Finland. We need a MDP, but thrown in a "Northern Stability" clause to enable such a thing. Lastly do keep in mind that your access to Northern Waters will not be restricted in spite of us having those islands, for all purposes, you will have military passage in the northern island waters."

He nods firmly.

"This will end up with the problems once and for all. And if anyone should dare disturb our peace, they would have to face us [i]both[/i]. Do you reckon all of this a viable idea?"

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Yes. However, we have one important addition. However important ethnic stability is, political concerns are still out for the territories exchanged. We propose that the territories are granted by the previous owners to only the receiving owner and its successor states. This way, we can guarantee the residents perpetual political stability, while making sure that the territories exchanged will not fall into the hands of states whose interests may compromise our futures.

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We believe the deal is easy then. Exchanging Ostrobothnia for Finnmark will only increase ethnic stability.
A mutual defense treaty will also secure the region against foreign aggression.

Also, as a nation we are seeking some arms deals, does the Germanic Union have anything to offer in the way of that?

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They shake their hands. Shortly thereafter, a rather long document to make everything, MDP included, official was brought forth. It used the German language, which made it very un-ambiguous, but a Finnish Official Translation was too provided. He signs.

"Now that we are allied and that the continent is secure, we would like to help you further. What you need, we have...from air superiority aircraft to special ever-ready warm food for your soldiers in the front. Yet first as a courtesy we are going to give you the Blueprints to Panzerjäger Perkunos, as we had developed it jointly with your country, only that due to the eventual government collapse you never had a chance to use it. It did saw action, however, in France and Southern Germany in limited numbers, where it performed satisfactory."

"Essentially it is a very, very low profile tank destroyer with very sloped armor which is able to raise its 140mm Gun independently from the chassis to be able to shoot towards the enemy without them being able to shoot back. It specializes in ambushes, and there is also a cheaper version developed without this special system if one should need to "spam" a tank destroying vehicle in a hurry. Other than that, what might you need?"

"We might suggest a large amount of the new Heckler-Koch G11 (http://world.guns.ru/assault/de/hk-g11-e.html). This rifle had been developed many, many years ago but recently we recovered the concept and fixed the flaws that it had in the early prototypes."

"Its advantages over most conventional rifles are the following: Lighter ammo - therefore lighter weapon - firest at a higher rate than most rifles, with relatively less recoil. Due to its special ammunition, it also hardly ever does jam compared to even the most reliable conventional guns. This is a weapon which is very easy to use and up to par with anything that most armies field, in many cases simply superior. One added bonus is that it is easier to use, therefore militia groups can more readily adopt this weapon for defence. Since the ammo takes less room and weighs less, it is an addition to your logistics."

"If you buy these rifles we will, of course, separately give you the machinery used for the creation of its special ammo."

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"Yes - the weapon is many times more reliable. Most of the jamming occurs due to things which are inherent to regular bullets and their magazines or belts. This however is nearly impossible to jam. Also the ammo takes up less space, so you can pack each soldier with more bullets or need otherwise less shipping vehicles to send the same things. Lastly, the recoil is somewhat lower, this means more accuracy. We have just finished developing this weapon and will start to adopt it soon. We are too developing a machinegun proper with similar technology."

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