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The End of the Lesser Northern War

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Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Slavorussia.


A cool breeze rushed through the curtains of an open window at the Winter Palace. The Emperor gladly offered the palace be used for the signing of the peace treaty that would end the war. Palace Square was abuzz as the Preobrazhensky regiment marched in a ceremonial display of the Empire’s grace and power. To mark the occasion palace staff had positioned two long tables in St. George’s hall. One table for Slavorussian and Finnish delegates and another for Swedish and Torunian representatives to talk face to face. A third table sat just below the throne of Catherine the Great They would be served hors d'oeuvres.

Here the Sweden and Torun would have an opportunity to officially air the grievances, defend their actions and negotiate peace terms. Then the press would be invited in to record the signing of the treaty. In preparation for the ceremony the Prime Minister had prepared a list of terms, mostly requiring the attacking nations to shoulder the entire economic burden of the war. That burden wouldn’t be cheap because the Slavorussian government secretly owed debt to three different countries, Germany, Britain and Athens, and the attackers would be expected to pay for every bullet, bomb and crumb of food these kind benefactors sent.

After everyone had arrived the Prime Minister opened with a few choice remarks in which he condemned the invasion of Finland and the lack of oversight in Sweden and Torun. He then presented them with his terms.

[quote]For waging war against Finland, a friend and ally of the Slavorussian Empire, henceforth known as the defenders, Sweden and Torun, henceforth known as the aggressors are to:


[*]Grant full recognition of Finland as a sovereign state as defined by common international practice. This includes recognizing Finland’s borders as the currently are.
[*]Financially compensate Finland for the destruction of life and property.
[*]Financially compensate the Slavorussian Empire for the destruction of life and property.
[*]Repay Finland and the Slavorussian Empire the cost of waging war against aggressors. This includes, but is not limited to the cost of mobilizing armies, transporting materiel, importing materiel from various countries and so forth.

In return the Defenders will grant the aggressors a formal peace. In addition the defenders will recognize the humanitarian crisis caused by Torun’s growing population and lack of space. The defenders should endeavor to alleviate the stress in whatever ways they are willing.[/quote]

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With the head of state injured, and the remaining loyal members of the Provisional Government tied up, Karl Valshannar found himself stuck doing royal business again. Although the pay was good and their really wasn't much to complain about, he couldn't help but complain about his conditions anyway. It was natural for him. Flying on a chartered flight from Götland, he would arrive in the Slavorussian capital less than a few hours after he had taken off. He viewed the escort he received to the Palace to be something less whimsical than he expected and could only find himself complaining about the little details of the whole affair along the way. There had been several occasions where the driver had pretended to fall asleep at wheel, only to be banging his face against the steering wheel of the limousine escorting him due to the amount of annoyance that Valshannar had come to cause him. Although slightly delayed, they made it to the Palace in time.

Walking into the grandiose building that was on par with Stockholm Palace in magnificence, he sat down where he was designated and sighed.

This was going to be a long one, but he might as well make the best of it.

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As the representatives arrive they are handed informal copies of the treaty for review. Similar copies had been mailed to Stockholm, Helsinki, and Torun days earlier.

“Dobry den Your Excellencies. As you know we are here to officially end the conflagration between our countries that has shattered the peace of northern and central Europe. We have a list of terms, which if agreed to, would require the aggressors to accept all economic responsibility for the war. Sweden and Torun would be responsible for paying for both sides of the entire war. In return there will be peace. Since the bills may grow quite high, since we were forced to take on considerable debt to repel the invasion, the attackers should be given a chance to defend themselves if they so wish. Do you wish to say anything or discuss adding anything to the treaty?”

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The Finnish representative stood up.
"Good day. We have been concerned, that weeks after the conclusion of conflict, a peace treaty has not yet been agreed on. The Finnish people demand reparations from our Swedish aggressors, for both the Finnish nation and Slavorussia. Until these terms are met, we will not agree on a peace."

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While he felt deeply frustrated by the ever over-the-top terms requested of his nation, and how much more ridiculous they got with time... Valshannar could only sit in his seat and twiddle his thumbs. A look of quiet serenity on his face, trying to remain calm despite the situation.

[i]"I hereby refuse to negotiate in my nations stead any further. I feel my emotions might get the better of me, and hereby hand off rights to negotiate the peace terms for my nation to the Althing of the Germansk Förbund."[/i]

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Premier Medvedev waved to allow the Germanic Union's ambassador in.

“There is little precedence for one state negotiating on behalf of another sovereign state. The most recent in my memory is when the Great Powers negotiated on behalf of Czechoslovakia, and that didn't end well for Europe. Now sirs I hope you see the reason for this event. Since neither side has achieved complete military victory these negotiations are necessary. If you don’t want to negotiate then we can continue fighting. We can give you time to prepare if you need it. Be warned however, you leave us no choice other than to continue the war we will accept nothing short of unconditional surrender."

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Valshannar stepped forward, offering the following set of terms to the opposing delegations after his attempt to buy his way out failed.

[i]"The Swedish Provisional Govenment proposes the following...

- The Swedish Navy is hereby banned from operating in the Baltic Sea indefinetly.
- The Swedish Government will pay the requested sum of money to end the war.
- That any future attack by Sweden on Finland will nullify any Swedish pacts.
- The Swedish Provisional Government will be suspended, with referendums on official government positions.
- The Queen shall be put under review by a civil consul, and judged whether she is fit/unfit for rule of the people.
- The criminals responsible for this war shall be put on speedy trial and be served just sentences.
- Riksdag elections shall happen immediately in order to give the Swedish state a temporary government during the above actions.
- The Finnish minority in Sweden will be given the choice to relocate to Finland, free of charge, with transportation paid for by the gov't."[/i]

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