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CNRP Names and Nations

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Aeon: Executive Minister
Arctica- Vedran
Athenian Federation - Centurius
Austria - Sarah Tintagyl
Blue Heaven - kitex
Boston Confederacy - Sargun
Bohemia - Chancellor Patrcik
Cascadia: Vince_Sixx
Confederation of American States - jeff744
Commonwealth of Canada - Chernarussia
Commonwealth of Buryatia - Curristan
Federal Republic of America - Germanic Republic
Finland - comrade nikonov
Free Association - Californian
Free State of Nova Scotia - LBT88
Germanisk Forbund - Kaiser Martens
Greater Nordic Empire of Dalmatia - Malatose
Greater Pacifica - iamthey
Holy American Empire - Shadowsage
Holy Empire of Ursalia - JEDCJT
Kingdom of Cochin - king of cochin
Kingdom of Burma - Sitethief
Kingdom of Africa - Markus Wilding
Kingdom of Baron - Razgriz 2k1
Livonia - Ezequiel
Marscurian Siberia - KaiserMelech Mikhail
Missouri - Kevin Kingswell
Midwest Republic - HHAYD
Minilla Island
Monaco-Valenica - Sir Keshav IV
Mogatopia - Mogar
New Cadia - SpacingOutMan (SOM)
Novak - Voodoo Nova
Ohio - Fizzydog
Pravus Ingruo - Pravus Ingruo
Rebel Army - Lavo_2
Serene Republic of Value - Imperator Azenquor
Selenarctos - iKrolm
Slavorussia - Justinian the Mighty
Soldania - Sgt Shidner
Sri Lanka - Lynneth
Sultante of Brunei - The Canaries
Sweden - Elrich von Richt
The People's Republic of Africa - Axolita
Torun - graniteknight
Union of the Southern Cross - TheShammySocialist
United Federation of the East - Triyun
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland - Zoot Zoot
United States of the Island - President David
Xinyan Republic - dotCom
Zagarthia - Amyante

Edited by Markus Wilding
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