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Libertas Special Forces and Troops Seize Large Base in Western Asia


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OOC:None of this has anything to do with my actions in game...

At about 3AM this morning over 1,000 Libertas forces, (600 Special forces and 400 assualt) landed on the small mountain village of Kuan Wae in a southwest Asian country, the operation was considered to be a get in get out, but at about 5AM it turned into a full on 3 hour long fire fight between Libertas forces and The troops guarding the base. The firefight was started when the troops were pulling out of the base and were cut off by the enemy soldiers. Their mission is still classified as to what they were doing, but we do know there were losses on both sides, about 50 Libertas dead and wounded with over 100 enemy combatants dead and 50 wounded, it was considered a victory.


Libertas troops pulled out at about 9AM Sunday Morning....



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The Nation that the operation was held against is named Seit Vein, a medium sized mountainous country is south west Asia.

At 10AM, 7 hours after the first official attack was held against it, the sound of Apache helicopters was herd over a base than the sound of Flak guns as the sky blazed with missiles and machine guns from the choppers over head. As the sound of troops scrambling and screaming flooded the base, enemy helicopter drop ships landed and their troops began to fire on the base.
Commanders from both sides were screaming at their troops to get in order, and within 2 minutes Libertas soldiers were prepared and began to fire back.

Libertas helicopters took off over the base and blew up 3 drop ships and 2 Apaches before being forced to land for damage repairs.

By 11:30AM Libertas soldiers pushed most of the invasion forces out of their base, an official statement is still being awaited from Clarence Ray, president of Libertas, as well as death tolls from both sides.

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The following is a statement from both leaders on the current conflict which has left over 600 dead total.

Clarence Ray, current president of Libertas.

"[I]Today, we had a Severe retaliation for a attack placed against the nation of Seit Vein, the reason for our attack will remain classified
But it was for the people under severe oppression.
We have lost 200 men total, in under 8 hours, we urge for this not to escalade into anything larger than it already is.[/I]"

General Li Shaw, dictating leader of Seit Vein.

"[I]We cannot stand for these kinds of hostilities against our nation! All men have been called to arms, we
declare war against our adversaries! All citizens will be called to work camps and factories for increased production
all soldiers are to be called at all borders, no one is to make a joke of me![/I]"

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1 in the afternoon....

The smoke in the sky is clearing and the smell of gasoline and burning things are in the air, over 200 Libertas forces had been killed in the raid, and troops are preparing for an
Attack on a village known as Kiut, at 1:30 the sound of Black Hawk helicopters is heard and than, through the smoke, over 13 choppers appear, within 20 minutes of taking off AA guns are firing on the helicopters, one is hit in the tail and 2 soldiers are seen flying out of it, as the chopper spins and smashes into the tree line. The first group of helicopters lands and about 70 LOP troops are on the ground running twords their first objective, a large sized building on the east end of the village. Unseen the troops silently take out the guards and then open fire on the village and regular soldiers appear as they run up the steep hill that leads to a tall guard tower, 5 troops are shot dead as heavy machine gun fire keeps them pined down, for about 5 minutes no body is moving and the LOP troops are beginning to mobilize, 1 LOP soldier plants 2 sticks of C4 onto the base of the tower and blows it up. A huge shock wave moves through the forest and a small hut about 20 feet away from the explosion is pushed over, showing a family of 4 running out of it. The soldiers finally push up the hill and move further into the village, allowing their tanks to follow, in 30 minutes half of the village is taken while 3 Abrams tanks are providing support. From the opposite of were the Libertas troops are, over 3000 enemy forces are firing from the other side. Armed with heavy MGs most of the LOP troops are pinned down. Avoiding casualties the leader of squad 442 of the LOPs orders his men into a small building 50 yards from their current position, running there was a problem, 2 were injured and 1 was killed in the cross, but it distracted the enemy soldiers long enough for the regulars to push up and take them out.

By about 3:45 PM there are 2500 enemy soldiers guarding the lower east end of the village, repeated air strikes are being called on a large building were once again heavy machine-gun emplacements are found, a Black Hawk appears behind the smoke and lands on top of the building, allowing 3 more LOP soldiers to enter the building and clear the MGs.

At 5PM there was still about 1000 enemy soldiers guarding the last part of the village and 3000 Libertas soldiers pushing up from all angles.
But, right as they hit their last check point an Abrams exploded and flipped over, landing on 2 soldiers, a large hole was in the ground and it had been discovered that they had placed Anti Tank mines all along the roads, an immediate stop was held as engineers ran up a pulled out the mines, right as they began to push up, a large group of about 500 enemy troops surrounded the front line and began to fire on them, killing 300 Libertas troops, after a short scramble they began to fire on them.

At about 7:38PM Libertas soldiers finally pushed into the lower east end of the village, liberating the people, and clearing it of all opposition.

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[b]Images of Libertas attack[/b]

LOPS (Land Officer Patrol Squads)




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This evening 45 "Tomahawk" Cruise Missiles were launched against the city of Guan, over 40 civilian casualties and over 5,000 Seit Vein soldiers were killed.
A statement released by Clarence Ray states that

"[i]We tried too keep civilian deaths to a minimum, but many of the troops stationed were in bases very close to down town.[/i]
No other attacks are being planned for the rest of the day, and day 1 of The Seit Vein Conflict is considered, "already one of the bloodiest conflicts in modern asian history." with over 7000 deaths, in under 12 hours.

"[i]We will try to have this conflict ended as soon as possible, the more deaths that are counted for, the worse this whole thing gets.[/i]"

Another very popular question being asked,
"[i]What were we even doing there??[/i]"


"[i]Why were so many soldiers being used for a, small intelligence operation in order to free oppressed people.??[/i]"



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Today, another large battle has taken place in the city of Guan.

10:25 AM
Rumbling is heard and as citizens drop the rubble they were cleaning from the following nights "Tomahawk" Missile attack
look to the west, to see about 15 Abrams tanks rolling on in, along with 6,000 Libertas Soliders running into the city.

Helicopters buzz the city firing missiles into Seit Vein military basses. One Apache is shot down by AA emplacements along the
roof tops, it is seen spinning and than finally smashing into a small building.

Ground troops move into sector 1 a take out emplacements all along the citys border.

Ground troops are moving up when 3 Seit Vein tanks are spotted and take out 5 Libertas soldiers, there is a long firefight between ground forces and

The 3 tanks are destroyed and Libertas troops push up to Sector 2, where most of the Cruise Missiles had hit before, blowing up major roads allowed for the enemy tanks to
have very limited mobility, letting Libertas tanks fire on the Seit Veinese tanks and MG emplacements.

Libertas soldiers take most of the town, and Seit Vein soldiers fall back to MG emplacements inside of residential buildings.

Tanks try to push up the road but cannot, the rest of the assault is by foot.

A huge firefight breaks out between 25 Libertas soldiers and 100 Seit Veinese soldiers, lasting more than 2 hours

Last of the Seit Vein soldiers are pushed back and forced to retreat into the forest.


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[b]Day one of Hill Siege[/b]


A very large and strategic military base is being held outside the city of Saulm Gau, there is a light overcast overhead as Libertas troops are training, resting, and
repairing vehicles.
At about 2:45 a bright light appears in the sky and smashes into a Black Hawk being repaired by 2 men, one flys back and stumbles upward, the other one was killed upon
impact. The Black Hawk was hit by a cruise missile fired from the city, all the soldiers line up and get ready for an attack.
At 3:15 nothing has happened and the soldiers are confused, snipers take the places of regular infantry men and began to spot near by scouts and enemys.
By 4:15 nothing has happened and all the soldiers prepare for an assault on the city, but, right as the first Apache Helicopter is taking off it explodes, a huge
trail of smoke leads down to a tank that had fired on it, engineers scramble to their positions and take out the tanks with their M20 "Super Bazookas". Right as the tank explodes a loud yell is heard and then a roar, as the soldiers look over the short hill they are on, they see 15,000 enemy soldiers running towards their position. Libertas
troops line up in a trench located at the top of the hill and fire down on the oncoming soldiers killing 500 in the first 30 minutes of fighting.
At 5:45 half of the Seit Veinese troops have pushed up half of the hill and are firing mortars into the base, 3 Havocs take off from the base and take out another 200 enemy troops and 5 mortar emplacements before all being shot down, 2 of the pilots were recovered but one died on impact.

By 9:31 most of the fighting has calmed down, small camps are located all up and down the hill, both sides tend to their dead and wounded and create tomorrows battle strategies.

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Black Hawk landing after trying to find last pilot, unfortunetly, he was never found and pronounced dead upon impact.

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Its 11:30 at night, small fires are lit all around the mountain showing the Seit Vein troops camps.
Libertas troops would fire on them but are waiting for ammo planes to come and give them supplies, along with a couple classified items.

Libertas snipers take guard and work on patrol around the clock to make sure nobody sneaks in, off in the distance explosions in the nearest
city light up the night sky, the subtle booms are somewhat haunting and relaxing, an ominous look into what the soldiers will be
in for...

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[b]Day Two of Hill Siege[/b]

It is 9AM and the sound of a large carrier plane, up above huge crates fall from it and parachutes open to ensure their safety.
Yet, as it seems only food and Ammo is being dropped, until, a very large object falls out the back, and two parachutes are needed to land it
without doing any damage to it. When the object lands in the center of the base, the troops are in awe, it is a tank they have never seen before, a
M73A1 "Tiger" Battle Tank. The base commander walks up to it and stands on top of it,
"This, men, is a new generation of war." The troops look around excited and nervous, "The M73A1 Tiger Battle Tank, still untested in Libertas, and do you know
what today is? Yes, the testing day..."

Four engineers run inside and get it started, while they figure it out the soldiers scramble all around the hill firing strait downward at the on coming assault.

At 10:20 the tank begins to move and than, finally, fires its first shot. A deafening sound is heard and the trees spread apart like the red sea, the missile smashes
into a squad of Seit Vein soldiers, killing all twelve of them.
Everything stops, the Libertas soldiers all look back at the tank in awe, than begin to cheer and scream as they fire back down the hill.

At 5:45 the fighting died down and most Seit Vein soldiers are making camps and resting...

[b]Total Deaths of Hill Siege (day one and two)[/b]

Seit Vein-700 out of 15000
Libertasray-200 out of 555

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[b]Day Three of Hill Siege[/b]

Its 10AM and intense fighting is occurring all around the hill.
Seit Vein soldiers are slowly pushing up the hill, while Libertas troops are scrambling to get to their stations.
The "Tiger" continues firing shells into the advancing soldiers slowing them down, but not fast enough.
At 3:45PM 3 Black Hawk helicopters take off and fire on the soldiers, soon after dropping off 45 Libertas troops near the base of the hill.
The 45 Libertas LOPS make it half way up the hill before they find something, the downed pilot from the first day of the attack, by 5:00 they manage to get back up
the hill and drop off the downed pilot.

At 7:53 the fighting is still going strong, many soldiers were lost on both sides, the last shot of day 3 is fired at 9:18...

[b]Casualties total, up to day 3[/b]

Seit Vein-2000 out of 15000
Libertas-300 out of 500

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[b]Day Four of Hill Siege[/b]

Its 1PM and fighting had been going on all morning, Seit Vein soldiers had been making
major advances all along the hill, even though suffering major casualties, Libertas soldiers
still fight off the attacking enemy.
Everyday news of the siege airs at 11:00 PM for the citizens to view on every news network in the country,
wide support has grown since the start of the conflict, still not calling it a war, Clarence Ray has issued a statement,
"[i]No matter what it takes, Seit Vein will see the true power of the Libertian people[/i]"

The "Tiger" continues to fire down the hill, stopping any major advances that would have been made by squads of Seit Veinese

At 6PM the fighting is still going strong, Seit Vein soldiers are coming from all up the hill, and have taken more than 3/4 of

At 10PM the fighting has died down, and the dead are once again, being counted.

[b]Casualties total, up to day 4[/b]
Seit Vein-3000 out of 15000
Libertas-450 out of 500

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