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The Isle of Crete


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[b]The Island of Crete, The Athenian Federation

David, Susan, Áine, and Badb stepped foot off the large blue private jet that brought them to The Athenian Federation. They quickly entered a limo that was paid for before hand and began to make their way to an isolated part of the Greek Isle of Crete. David was in a pair of khaki shorts and a tropical shirt decorated with fruits and flowers. Susan was dressed in a casual blue shirt with a pair of capri shorts to match. Áine, as always when in casual clothing, had on a tight, thin tank top that showed off her slender stomach and her small belly-button. Below she had on a short pair of jean shorts that David didn't totally approve of however it was in her nature to act as girly and subconsciously seductive as she could be. Badb had on a tank-top similar to her sister's and had on a pair of jean-shorts that were a little more conservative.
Áine and Badb quietly talked amongst each other trying to ignore how lovey-dovey David and Susan were being. "...Get a room you two..." said Badb in an aggravated voice. Áine giggled and hid her face while David and Susan acted as if they were oblivious to what Badb had said. Crete was a dry place but the coast was beautiful.

Once they were at the eastern tip of the island the limo dropped them off and there was the beautiful beach house David had rented them. It sort of reminded him of his beach house on his private island, [i]David's Island[/i]. The beach house was one story however the roof had redwood planks and an array of tanning chairs. A barbecue was even included - David had requested a coal pit because he thought it made the meat have a better, smoke taste.

When Áine and Badb stepped out they both had two totally different reactions. Áine jumped with joy when she saw the beach house and the beach while Badb gave an unimpressed look and made a cautious walk to her new home for the next week. "Oh David!" cried Susan, "It's beautiful! How did you find this place?" David grabbed Susan's hand, feeling accomplished, and pulled her along, "I have my ways darlin. Let's take a look around!" David and Susan slowly made their way to the beach house to examine the home while Badb walked with he sandy flip flops to it as well - maybe to get some time alone. While Badb had taken her time, Áine had already ran through every room and back to Badb. "Oh come on sister! Be happy we are in Greece! It's beautiful!" Áine hugged her sister and tried to maintain her grip while Badb awkwardly pushed her away. She was trying to hold back a smile, her sister can make anyone smile or be happy, gitty, or even seduced. Áine just wanted her big sister by 60 seconds to just smile. Badb gave an awkward giggle and smiled at her sister, "Fine little sister, let's go." Their blue hair fluttered in the air while they ran to the beach house to change into their bikinis so they could examine the beach.


David and Susan walked into the beach house while Áine and Badb ran outside in their thin, blue, attractive bikinis. Susan looked at the kitchen while David observed the view of the beach from the living room. "David this kitchen is amazing." David was in awe at the big screen TV. "This house is amazing David.." Before Susan could turn around, David's arms were wrapped around her waist. Susan loved the feeling of David's arms around her, it was her favorite sensation but there were two teenage girls her and David had to worry about walking in. "No David.. We have to stop.."
But David started to kiss her neck and Susan immediately melted in his arms. Slowly but surely they began to make their way to the master bedroom.

OOC: Centrius, I am supposing you wouldn't mind if I did this since I talked to you about doing something like this before hand. I have been trying to talk to you for the past day but we haven't been on at the same time. I'll talk to you when I see you next time on IRC

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[b]The Island of Crete
The Beach House

"Come on Badb get in the water!" Áine squealed at her sister. But Badb didn't budge. The next time Badb opened her eyes a tanned, muscular, sixteen year old was staring at Áine. He was lustfully watching her little sister splash and play in the water from behind a tall sand dune. Badb got up from her beach towel and quietly and crept behind the sand dune so she would have the element of surprise. When she saw him she couldn't help but notice his looks. His face was symmetrical, his chest and arms were toned with muscle, and his short, curly blond hair could help him seduce any girl in Scandinavia. To add to all of that he was tall and his blue eye's were almost as hypnotizing as Áine's - maybe even more.

Luckily, Badb had her knife with her - in fact she always had her knife with her. The stainless steel blade could cut through anything short of a rock. She slowly pulled the knife from it's leather holster, which she was not wearing, and tiptoed up to the shirtless beach boy until she was directly behind him... Then she acted. Badb yanked the boy back by his blond hair which caught him off guard. She then turned him 90 degrees and pushed him against the sand dune. Her seven inch knife/blade was against his tan throat while her left hand firmly rested on his left shoulder. They were close, so close that Badb's covered chest was pressed up against his bare chest. "Who are you?" Badb hissed. The boy didn't mind the hot, bikini wearing, angry girl up against him - but he could have done without the knife against his neck.

They apparently didn't hear her the first time so she tried again, this time pressing the knife hard against the left side of his neck, "Why are you looking at my sister?" The young man maintained his calm, and probably somewhat horny, attitude. "Well who are you babe?" Badb almost gave out a growl. "Just because my sister acts like a nymph does not mean you can persue either of us like we are. You ask who I am?" she noted him attempting to look down her bikini top, seeing as she was pressed up against him. She decided to use that to her advantage. Her sister could seduce people, she could to right? She slowly took the knife from his neck and slyly embraced him in a hug, "Who are you big boy?"

The young man didn't seem to be totally falling for it however her beautiful body did take a big chunk out of his ego. "I am Apallo. Now who are you little blue?" Badb felt different, almost like he was pulling her to him. Was this love? She never felt true love before because she tried to bloc it out. Love is weakness, it is an easy way for someone to get inside you then rip you to shreds where you are most vulnerable - your heart. His warm, tan, strong arms wrapped around her. "I..... I am Badb." Apallo knew his mythology however wisdom and knowledge was more of Badb's sister's specialty. "And your sister? Who is she?" Badb hesitated but lost her will power when his fingers started to run through her long blue hair. The knife was in the sand now, causing no threat to Apallo. "Her name is um.." forgetting her own sister's name while she got lost in Apallo's eyes, "..Áine." Badb waited for a reward and she got it - a long kiss on the lips. Badb was never kissed before, maybe that is why she fainted?


David and Susan laid next to one another, both on the natural high of love. "I saw what you did when I was in England... Did you really mean all of that?" David still had his wring from that night, when would he give it to her? "Of course my love, with all of my heart."
David was so nervous. He was going to ask her on this trip but he wasn't sure when. His emotions, particularly happy and angry, have been fighting an even battle almost like he was having mood swings. "There is a wonderful restaurant we can all go to tonight - that is if you and the girls are up to it. It is only about an hour's drive to Sitia." Susan brushed a little hair out of David's face, "I would be delighted my darling but haven't Áine and Badb been outside for a while?"

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[b]The Isle of Crete

David, Susan, Badb, and Áine had returned from their dinner and a short tour of the town. Crete was such an amazing place but soon David might have to leave. David wanted to see if he could stop by the Kingdom of Rhodes but Susan was firmly against the idea. While she loved the two girls, she also wanted David with her on their vacation. Nevertheless they were living the life on Crete.

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