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Amazon Nation and Her Territories invite you...

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Greetings again, my dears!

As most know, this is not my favorite medium, so it will be a bit brief. It's not meant as a press conference so much as it is intended to be an open invitation, since I find it a bit easier to address questions, discussions and concerns through more direct channels.

Over time, the Amazon Territory has been sought out by ...well, several young alliances seeking guidance opportunities. Therefore, the Amazon Nation and our various Protectorates under said Amazon Territory agreement have been planning a bit of an event throughout the week of May 6 (tonight) - May 13 (Friday the 13th, oh my!) for reasons both informative and productive. Everyone is invited to #Amazon_Territory with any questions about our program, our protectorates, our progress and plans, economic connections and more. Those of you who have already been participating in the newly created Think Tank might already be familiar with this, and as a result of discussions that have been taking place, and will be taking place throughout the week, I will be looking forward to presenting the improvements and changes to come in a later announcement.

This little shindig of ours officially lasts the whole week so that folks with odd schedules still have a chance to participate--you'll notice right away that many of us do keep some rather strange hours. ;)


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