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Chasing ghosts


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Deep in the rugid mountains and jungles of Borneo lives a relic of a different era, before the time of the Sultanate, warlords vied for power over the island. One of these warlords, Hang Kasturi, continues to operate with his small band of loyal soldiers. Hang was mostly overlooked by the Sultan and the military for sometime until recently when the ex-warlord launched an attack on a village killing many of it's inhabitants and stealing most of the supplies. Because of the attack more pressure was put on the Brunei regime to act against Hang, and after much deliberation the Sultan finally ordered the military to defeat Hang and to capture him dead or alive.

The 5th and 6th Brigades along with 2 squadrons of super tucanos, and were sent south towards the mountains to deal with Hang.

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As the 5th and 6th brigades began to enter the mountainous regions of Brunei the general leading the force quickly realized the terrain was the perfect ambush site, because of this the general sent scouts out into the area to gather intel on the terrain and to see if any of Hang's forces were currently in the region.

"How bad is the terrain?"

"It's very rough sir, if we went through we'd have to leave the armor behind and run the risk of losing our air support if we need it."

"Were any forces loyal to Hang spotted?"

"No sir."

"Hmmmmm...I believe we sho-"

"Sir I feel we should avoid the mountains, going around would be a detour but would only take us off course by around 3 hours."

"I'll consider it, now return to your commanding officer."

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The general of the 5th and 6th Brigades began to move his troops and armor down the road around the mountains.

As the they passed a tight corner in the deep jungle, gun shots rang out.

"AMBUSH!" Yelled out a man as automatic gun fire came from both directions.

The 6th brigade which had been leading the way, quickly retaliated and fought off the enemy forces quickly and forced them to retreat. Casualties were high from the initial attack however and the attack seemed too staged for the General to believe it was simply a fluke that enemy forces had setup the ambush on that road.

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As the Brigades continued to move forward in the winding roads of the Jungle, they came under constant attack. Shots would be fired every so often occasionally wounding or killing a man. The 6th Brigade would respond with what force it could but it was generally futile and enemies were rarely confirmed dead.

As time went by the general felt he was simply being ground down by the old warlord and figured the quickest way to end this fight would be to cut off the head of the serpent and kill Hang himself. He gathered up what combat special forces had come along with the 2 brigades in the expedition and formed an elite unit of ment to hunt down and kill Hang.

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As the 2 Brigades began to setup a base camp from where they could operate their reconnaissance teams and special forces. The elite special operations team comprised of the most veteran members of the brigade and special forces of Brunei was tasked with hunting down and killing Hang stealthily and then returning to base.

-Somewhere in the jungles of borneo-

"Team 2 do you have a visual...?"

"That's a negative team 3, however it appears hostile forces are headed to your position, I'd suggest you re-locate."

"Roger that, moving now."

"Team 1 do you have a visual on the compound?"

"Yeah we gotta about 6 hostiles moving out of it now"

"Sniper team 1 do have a visual on Hang?"

"He's behind the 6 guards, I've got a clear shot"

"Take it if you can"

"Prepare to evac then I'll be taking the shot"


A shot rang out near the complex that Hang was based in. Hang fell to the ground dead with blood flooding the ground nearby. 2 of the guards around him ran to the body while 2 others dispersed to get help. The other 2 stood guard prepared for intruders.

"Sniper team 1 did you make it out of there?

"We've made it out but we've also lost contact with Team 3"

"Damn, we'll have to hope they make it out, we can't risk a rescue operation. Let's move."

The 3 teams continued through the jungle toward the main base setup by the 5th and 6th brigades.

When they arrived they were greeted by the general who was eager to find out the result of the mission.

"Hang is dead?"

"Yessir, I can confirm that he was killed outside his complex."

"Good, begin to spread the word that he's dead and that we can begin to pack up and leave. You get the word to the men a well lieutenant."



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