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New toys for the boys

Eggman Empire

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OOC: Back from long field exercise. Hooray.
*Doc. Status: Unclassified; To be released to press*

The EIMHIGHCOM(Eggman Imperial Military High Command) has authorized new equipment and munitions to be delivered to troops shortly. First on the list is the Human Universal Load Carrier, or [url="http://www.engadget.com/2010/07/21/hulc-exo-skeleton-ready-for-testing-set-to-hit-the-ground-runni/"]HULC[/url]. Built out of titanium, moved by hydraulics, powered by an on-board battery, and managed by a micro-computer, the HULC will allow troops in the field to carry 200 pounds in equipment, supplies, ammo, or wounded soldiers. The HULC has been ruggedized to operate in rain, snow, dust, mud, and loose sand. Not only will the exoskeleton allow troops to carry more longer distances, but it will also reduce the amount of injuries troops suffer from overexertion.
Next item is the Individual Gunshot Detector, or [url="http://peosoldier.armylive.dodlive.mil/2010/11/29/igd/"]IGD[/url]. The IGD will allow soldiers the ability to find where enemies are shooting from without having to expose themselves. The device has a 90+ percent accuracy rate. The downside is it cannot differentiate between friend and foe. Yet.
The [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XM25_Individual_Airburst_Weapon_System"]XM25[/url] "Punisher" will also be sent to military units this year. A laser rangefinder built into the XM25 determines the distance to the target. Then after the distance is figured out, the XM25 fires a 25mm air-burst round that is programmed to explode directly over or next to said target. The XM25 is highly effective and can fire a variety of rounds including Thermobaric, HE, and AP rounds.
Finally, EIMHIGHCOM has authorized the distribution of [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/5.56x45mm_NATO#M855A1"]M855A1[/url] 5.56mm rounds to replace the current M855 projectiles used in the 5.56mm FN SCAR varient used by most EE troops. The M855A1 provides more stopping and penetration power, reduced muzzle flash, and has a higher velocity then the current 5.56 round. It has even proven itself to be superior to the current 7.62x51mm round in several areas.

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