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[center][size=4]R.andom I.nsanity A.nnouncement[/size][/center]



The Random Insanity Alliance would like to announce the passing of several milestones. The first being the passing of 5,023,531 NS. The next being the passing of 20.51 score and the third being the passing of 1,227 nukes. Now this is actually around the fourth time in our history that we've passed this particular NS milestone or the eighth if you want to count the time we danced around with her for a few weeks last year. We just love her so much we had to come back again. Now some credit of this appears to go to a particularly large phantasm that has decided to randomly haunt our halls. One of our senior reporters was able to catch the following images of it:



It was first spotted earlier today and our paranormal investigators are unsure how long it will remain though current reports suggest it is going to be moving on to another world soon. Thus we would like to thank it for gracing our presence for this short time and for giving us the opportunity to once again dance with Miss Five Million and her close friends.

Thank you all once again tuning into the Cactuar News Network. That is all the information we have today so we shall now bid you adieu.


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Congratulations on reaching such a milestone event. May you relationship with Miss 5million be long and free of adultery.

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[b]I'[/b]d [b]l[/b]ike to give [b]C[/b]ongrats on [b]a[/b]chieving this mi[b]ll[/b]estone RIA. [i]If you'd like[/i], [b]I[/b] [b]m[/b]ade an art[b]iss[/b]ts rendering for [b]you[/b] to recogni[b]z[/b]e this achievem[b]en[/b]t tod[b]a[/b]y.


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