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[size="4"][b]Join R-NATO. The Red NATO all you need to do is message me at http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=429524.

We are an alliance of Mutual defense. "An Attack on one is an attack on all."

All those nations not willing to change thier color to join nato. all colors accepted. But red is preffered.
This Alliance is not for war torn countries. We Look for peace and economic growth.
This Alliance is also protected by Tetris.

Our Website is currently undergoing maintaince. ( Link will Be posted later)[/b][/size]

Edited by President Carter
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There is already a NATO in the game.

They are here[url="http://www.cnnato.org"]NATO[/url]

Unless it is cool to start alliances called B-MHA, O-IRON, or N-Mushroom Kingdom.

You need to change your alliance name or come by our forums to discuss the matter

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[quote name='Pollard' timestamp='1306714391' post='2720306']
brb, creatin C-NATO. Just remember fellas, this guy is protected by Tetris.

Until today iirc...

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