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Sultanate of Brunei factobook

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The Sultanate of Brunei

Before the Sultanate of Brunei was formed on the island of Borneo, there was chaos, warlords fought for power on the island, carefully avoiding peacekeeping troops by sticking to the forests and mountains. In the mist of the fighting between these warlords


Government Type: Constitutional Monarchy
Sultan: Al-Muhtadee Billah
Crown-Prince: Demang Lebar Daun
Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan
Official Language: Malay
Motto: "Always in service with God's guidance"
Minority Languages: English, Mandarin
Major Religion: Islam
Minor Religions (under 5%): Christianity, Buddhism

I'll be writing this later.

Royal Brunei armed forces:
300,500 total personal

[quote]Royal Brunei army:

The Royal Brunei army is tasked with defending Borneo from invaders and from internal threats when the need arrises. Throughout it's history it has only seen combat with petty warlords.

-250,000 troops

(1.3k tanks)

553 T-90E's


300 T-80A's


500 T-72A's


400 BMP-2M's and 100 BMP-2D's


[quote]Royal Brunei air force:

2 squadrons of Mil Mi-28's


5 squadrons of MiG-29's


5 squadrons of Su-30's


1 squadrons of MiG-31's


1 squadron of Tu-160's


1 Squadron of F-22's


1 squadron of EA-6B Prowler's


2 squadrons of Su-25's


1 Squadron of Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucanos


1 squadron of AV-8B Harrier II's



[quote] Royal Brunei navy:

RBNS Borneo, Wasp class amphibious assault ship



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