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UFE/Selenarctos Joint Announcement


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Selenarctos and the UFE are pleased to announce an upgrade of our prior Non Aggression and Economic Pact to a Mutual Defense, Optional Aggression Pact.

[quote][center][size="4"]Sino Filipino Mutual Security and Economic Development Treaty[/size][/center]

In recognition of our shared interests, the United Federation of the East and Selenarctos do hereby upgrade the Sino Filipino Friendship Treaty to include an agreement of mutual defense and optional aggression.

[b]Article I. Non-Aggression[/b]

Neither power shall engage in armed conflict with the other. Both countries agree to respect the sovereign territory of one another.

[b]Article II. General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs[/b]

Both Countries agree to maintain current tariff-free imports and exports between each other.

[b]Article III. Security Cooperation[/b]

A. Both powers shall engage in a cooperative defense arrangement for the safety and sovereignty of each other.
B. In times of defensive war both powers shall support one another through full military, political, and economic means.
C. Both powers are greatly encouraged to support each other in all forms of conflict.
D. Both powers shall engage in joint training exercises and seek compatibility of forces.
E. Both parties shall not in anyway reverse engineer or export technology provided by or developed with the assistance of the other party without the expressed consent of both parties.
F. Both parties shall cooperate on intelligence sharing and gathering, with special but not exclusive emphasis placed on signals intelligence and satellite intelligence.
G. Both parties shall cooperate on matters of sea, aerial, and space defense and reconnaissance.

[b]Article IV. Termination[/b]

This pact may be terminated with 90 days (7 days IRL) notice.

[b]Signed for the United Federation of the East:[/b]
[i]Jia[/i], August Imperator of the United Federation of the East.

[b]Signed for Selenarctos:[/b]
[i]Antonio Pilar[/i], Second Economic Director
[i]Alejandro Tiempo[/i], Second Security Director
[i]Pacita Arellano[/i], First Popular Director[/quote]

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