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[font="Book Antiqua"]-From our most illustrious Consul Flavius Josephivs III (JOSEPHIVS SUPERBVS), who carries the blood of the founding family of Josephii, with the approval and representation of Consuls and Senators of REGNVM ROMANORVM, Senate house of ROMA, May 4, 2011. [/font]

[font="Times New Roman"]Greetings to all nations of Planet Bob. This communicatum is to share with Planet Bob the history of the founding of our small nation to this day. We just want to share our proud miracle of being with the nations, which may serve as inspiration or as an example of what not to do. Your choice. ROMA INVICTA![/font]


I, Joseus Rex, son of King Flavius I, have been tasked to put in written story how people from different races, descendants of the Romans have established the New Rome of Planet Bob. Our history as of yet is, short, our nation small but already our story is rich, that of legends. It is the story of how an idea of my grandfather came to be turned into a nation of Planet Bob. It is an ongoing story which 10,000 years from now another New Roman historian will be adding his piece to it…

[b]The founder and the legend [/b]
Imperator Josephius was an Italian general that fought during the Karma War for the armies of Europe in Planet Bob. Imperator (latin for general) Josephius, convinced of his pure Roman descent was an excellent politician, intellectual beyond description and a brilliant military tactician. One of his extensive studies he conducted before the war was the discovery on how speakers of the romance languages can be traced directly to a Roman ancestor. His fascination of the Roman Empire and pride of his heritage was such he had changed his Spanish name “Jose” to Josephivs and preferred his rank of general to be referred to as Imperator. He and his whole family and the Nova Roma clan he formed of romance language speakers most of the time spoke in fluent latin.

He and the Nova Roma clan, a union of romance speakers he had established for mutual protection at the end of the war of an estimated 200 each french, Spanish, latino and italian families moved to a desolated coastal area with an uncanny resemblance of where the original Rome was founded, even to the detail of the place having seven hills. He knew Planet Bob was engulfed in constant conflict and a recent one had just taken place. As leader of the clan he called for a meeting that would forever change Planet Bob’s history.

One night while the clan was united on the town hall he was reminded of Rome’s humble beginnings and how from these beginnings they exploded into the glory of the Roman Empire. He then set to write the most important document in the history of the nation, “The calling”. This document stated that “all war exiles, clans and nationless people who spoke the romance languages on Planet Bob and even those that did not speak these languages and just wanted to establish a great nation that was to be the second Rome, were called to settle in REGNVM ROMANORVM”. Word spread throughout Planet Bob and immigrants began to join the clan.

Imperator Josephivs was convinced that the Nova Roma clan of families needed security and unity in this world of turmoil so he organized the clan to build defenses around their settlement and declared his clan of families a tribe called the ROMANORVM or Romans. The clan officially settled in Planet Bob as one people on March 3, 2011 under the name of “Reign of Rome” which he called REGNVM ROMANORVM. The village then was named NOVA ROMA after the clan of settlers. The general then officially declared the clan to be organized into a republic, completely modeled on the times Rome was one.

REGNVM ROMANORVM’s economical model was made one of democratic socialism, and Imperator Josephivs declared its people not to have an official religion and were free to practice the religion of their preference. He also declared that this nation would never develop or use nuclear weapons because Planet Bob had suffered enough of this evil.

REGNVM ROMANORVM continued to receive a steady influx of immigrants. Among these were all the members of his own family and some of his dearest friends, all scholars and intellectuals. He immediately recruited through a vote of the families two outstanding members of the clan, one his own brother, that then were made consuls. He then stripped himself of the title Imperator and was made a consul. A senate of the people was also built from outstanding REGNVM ROMANORVM citizens. The whole nation of REGNVM ROMANORVM was beginning to be modeled exactly as ancient Rome.

During his reign, the nation continued to grow hugely in population, economically and in land through his investments. He also established diplomacy and trade that greatly improved the nation. His whole concept of diverting all tax to improving infrastructure was to be the model of many REGNVM ROMANORVM governments. Through marriage to an Italian schoolteacher of his clan, now Imperator Josephivs had a son. The son was named Flavius Josephivs and the more Flavius grew the more the people saw the intellect, good nature and leadership of his father. Imperator Josephivs death was exactly on the 23d birthday on his son and he was mourned as probably no leader in history had ever been mourned before. The population entered a period of depression where REGNVM ROMANORVM seemed to be heading nowhere. The founder of the New Rome was no more.

[b]Our second founding father[/b]
The two remaining consuls held a vote to decide if the people wanted to name a leader or remain a republic. The people’s mandate was that the Josephii family had the “gift” that the nation needed to be anchored into the future. Flavius Josephivs I, as he named himself, was elected, but named by the people as a King (perhaps because of the love for the late Imperator Josephivs and his family) and the first official act was to declare the nation a monarchy. His reign started with organizing a better defense system and declaring the nation a peaceful one so that it could build up its coffers; it was another time of happiness and steady growth and prosperity for the New Rome.

In just a few Planet Bob days of the reign though, a rogue nation more powerful declared war on the 800 or so citizens of REGNVM ROMANORVM. Flavius led the defense and managed to win a few of the battles and organized the army as a copy of the ancient roman army. The nation managed itself to win some battles but lost territory and too much of its citizens so REGNVM ROMANORVM had to sue for peace; just their luck the attackers did not want to continue the fight because of two main reasons: REGNVM ROMANORVM had started process of being accepted into an alliance and they had been forced to raid. Nevertheless King Flavius had died in battle, the nation had lost its founder and some said the second founding father, another leader in just 20 Planet Bob days of its founding.

[b]The first dark Planet Bob days[/b]
One of the two consuls, Imperator Josephivs’s brother, named himself Flavius II in memory of young Flavius and then as an emergency measure declared himself head of the nation. His first decision was as unpredictable as it was completely different from the original ideals of the nation. He declared REGNVM ROMANORVM to be a democracy and held an election to see who the people wanted to choose as their leader. The people, among the candidates then chose him. His reign, until approximately the 30th Planet Bob day had been one of prosperity and stability. The practice of investing in infrastructure had been respcted and Flavius II studied the manuals in the Cybernations forums to better his nation. He pleased the religious preference of the people at the time by choosing christiantity as a state religion. One of his decisions though almost would completely destroy what Imperator Josephivs wanted to be the New Rome. Greed and desire to test his legions drove him to get himself involved in a foreign war between two nations to defend the one he saw weaker and was being attacked by a dictatorship. The war went well, and the legions managed to raid infrastructure on a faraway country, something never done before and the damage done to REGNVM ROMANORVM was minimal. Problems came though when due to his now uncontrollable desire for glory and power, fueled by maybe the first act of REGNVM ROMANORVM as a regional power of the region in which he demanded from the attacking country to cease hostilities or be annihilated; decided to take REGNVM ROMANORVM’s whole army to the campaign, leaving the nation defenseless. The now 1,500 citizens of the nation had enough of his bad decisions; the citizens of REGNVM ROMANORVM sent the nation into anarchy.

From the 35th Planet Bob day of its founding until approximately the 38th, REGNVM ROMANORVM barely managed to exist. The other consul remaining and the senate had to sit and watch as REGNVM ROMANORVM’s people became unruly and establish the law of the streets. All the prosperity that had seemed to be the norm in the nation and the rapid growth had banished. King Flavius I’s investment of $5.00 from his fortune to continue with the building of the nation had banished in the blink of an eye. REGNVUM ROMANORVM had to sell infrastructure and territory to feed its people and from being a nation of almost 200 miles in diameter it reduced to almost 90.

[b]The eagle flies again until this day[/b]
A while back, the wife of young King Flavius I had conceived three children one of them named Josephivs Superbvs (or Flavius Josephivs III as he would be later known), Joseus Rex (this servant writing this account) and Constanzia Josephina (the nomen Josephivs and its derivatives had become mandatory for those who had Josephii blood). When Josephivs Superbvs had his coming of age (same as in ancient Rome, at 16 Planet Bob years old) it was still the time of the dark anarchy. He decided on his own to leave the idyllic farmer’s life and take up his family’s calling…ruling over the new Rome.

The consuls and senators who were only still in title, because the country was still trying to subdue the riots and anarchy that ruled, had declared behind curtains the country would either start again as a republic or continue a democracy. The state of unrest and disorder was finally subdued and a temporary democracy established to let the people decide their course and leadership. The nation started to flourish once again as if nothing ever happened, the migrations sterted once again and the people naturally chose Consul Josephivs Superbvs as a leader, and demanded the nation to be a democracy and its national religion Christianity. Consul Josephivs Superbvs accepted his office, the terms, appointed a senate of his choosing to end corruption, began work on the constitution of the nation and declared its existence to the whole of Planet Bob on May 1, 2011 in the Cybernations forums, 52 Planet Bob days from its founding by the glorious Imperator Josephivs. He also declared the Latin language as the official language of the nation and started a program of infrastructure rebuilding and spending in technology that remains until today.

REGNVM ROMANORVM by now has almost tripled in lands, population and infrastructure since the last day of the anarchy. The future of our current great leader and of the nation is unmistakably to the good of the people. Due to major reforms to make the New Rome be as closest to the glory of ancient Rome the nation has declared itself a Republic again and our great leader is now referring to it as the New Roman Empire, though some senators are afraid this might bring conflict from foreign nations. Also the capital has been renamed as the original great city, Roma. Our leader, because of the great love he has for his people although reluctantly, has accepted that a new wave of immigrants have bought the heathen Norse religion to our lands and recently declared it an official religion. Opinions in the Senate are this won’t last very long and REGNVM ROMANORVM must be a place of free religion. It must be a place of freedom where people choose their own destiny. This may be about the only thing REGNVM ROMANORVM is different from our Roman forefathers but it is just that, we must learn from histories mistakes and a New and better Rome can be built again in Planet Bob, bigger and better than our Roman forefather’s did. [/font]

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