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Bye Bob


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I realize most of you won't know me, but to the ones that do; bye, thanks for making my time here enjoyable. I met a lot of cool people over the last 3-4 years and had some great conversations with them. Good luck in the future to all of you.

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[quote name='Gibsonator21' timestamp='1304571810' post='2706640']
Bye Tyler. :wub:
Bye, thanks for your recent assistance with some people haha

[quote name='Cager' timestamp='1304572577' post='2706658']
we formed Darkstar together. Damnit.
And good times were had <3

[quote name='R3nowned' timestamp='1304572688' post='2706659']
Peace out.

(you'll be back)
I highly doubt it to be honest. This game isn't what it used to be

[quote name='WorldConqueror' timestamp='1304573748' post='2706668']
Sad to see you go Tyler.
Bye WC

[quote name='HalfEmpty' timestamp='1304586209' post='2706743']
Bye Tyler, it was nice chatting with you in the recent unpleasantness. Remember to come back.
Indeed, you're one of the few people of your alliance I've enjoyed speaking with.

[quote name='Londo Mollari' timestamp='1304597431' post='2706785']
Congratulations on your graduation from the PlanT BoB school of nerds, geeks, and various social outcasts, Tyler. :awesome: We'll keep in touch a bit, and hopefully I'll graduate soon too!
Alumni club here we come!

[quote name='The Suburbs' timestamp='1304612141' post='2706895']
You are on a short list of people who by going rogue on an alliance ended up having that alliance get rolled. Also, a short list of people who I can stand.

I literally love you

[quote name='Zoomzoomzoom' timestamp='1304612464' post='2706903']
Bye Tyler.

Stay in touch, mmk?
No. Just kidding probably.

[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1304616636' post='2706938']
Bye Tyler

Make sure you come visit us on IRC sometimes.
I'll hope on from time to time.

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