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An Announcement From Dos Equis

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[center][b][size=14pt]We don't always join blocs on Planet Bob, but when we do, [u]we join Dos Equis.[/u][/size][/b][/center]


The undersigned alliances remain sovereign in peace and friendship.


The member alliances state that they will not declare war upon any other member of Dos Equis. In the event of an awkward moment, the aggressor will offer peace immediately and pay no less than 150% of the damages caused by any attacks.


A. All signatories agree to defend other member alliances as needed and requested.
B. All signatories are given the option, but are not mandated to, offer assistance in offensive military actions.
C. Aggressive wars commenced by any signatory against another alliance, defined as having 10 or more members, must be made known to the other members as soon as practical after the decision has been made, and at least 4 hours before commencing.
D. Any conflict arising from the activation of an outside treaty with an XX signatory shall be considered an offensive act.


A. Additional signatories may be added upon unanimous vote of all current signatories. Prospective signatories will only be considered upon an official invitation and sponsorship of a current signatory.
B. Signatories may be removed from this treaty upon a vote of 3/4 of the remaining signatories for any reason.
C. All membership votes must last a minimum of 72 hours, unless the required number of votes is reached at an earlier time.
D. All signatories are limited, but not required, to have five representatives in the upper conclaves of bloc discussions. Each alliance, regardless of representative count, gets one vote in every decision making process.
E. A week long joint meeting between the governments of all signatory alliances is required to take place at intervals no longer than every 90 days. The medium and location of said meeting is at the mutual discretion of the signatories.


This treaty may be amended by a unanimous vote of the signatory alliances.


The signatories of this bloc recognize that wars are complicated, and in an effort to make conflicts that much simpler for us, all signatories reserve the right to do whatever is necessary to advance the interests and security of Dos Equis in time of war. Whether the signatories go about any of the following actions is entirely up to the ruling government and/or voting membership of the applicable alliance. Nobody will be asked to do anything they don't want to do, but if they do want to do it, they are certainly allowed to. Such aforementioned rights include the following:

A - Signatories may withdraw from an ongoing conflict and/or front of a conflict not related to this bloc to re-engage a combatant of XX.
B - Signatories may attack any combatant against any ally of any XX signatory. A friend of one of us is a friend of all of us, and if one of them needs help, any member of XX may respond in kind if they so choose. This applies to both offensive and defensive operations.
C - XX cares about our friends, even if we aren't individually allied to them. If one of our 3rd party friends or allies is engaged in combat, XX will act as a chaining oDoAP treaty between all other 3rd party allies within the sum of our individual networks of friends. If anyone we know within our joint network feels generous and would like to offer direct assistance to our other friends, regardless of the connection between these two 3rd party alliances, they may do so through the XX treaty with consent from any XX alliance(s) connected to both parties.
D - If there is no way to avoid it, signatories may attack an ally of any non-XX signatory ally if it means ensuring the security of one another. It's nothing personal, it's just war. We hope you understand.


If a signatory wishes to pack up his beers and go home, they must give the other signatories 72 hours notice before doing so.


[b]Signed on this 4th day of May in the year 2011:[/b]

[u]Signed for Farkistan:[/u][/b][/size]

905, Submitter
Randomly Jim, Squirrel

Quadriplegic, Speaker of the TotalFark Council
Kahiel, TotalFark Council
FireGuy15207, TotalFark Council
Tumultuous_Papaya, TotalFark Council
ManwithplanX , TotalFark Council

[u]Signed for Mostly Harmless Alliance:[/u][/b][/size]

[color=#BF0000]MajorDDF [/color]- Triumvir
[color=#BF0000]IYIyth[/color] - Triumvir
[color=#BF0000]AvengingAngel256[/color] - Triumvir
[color=#0000FF]Crushtania [/color]- Triumvir Emeritus

[u]Signed for R&R:[/u][/b][/size]

[size=3][b]Executive Branch[/b][/size]
[b]EgoFreaky[/b] - [i]President[/i]
[b]Simms[/b] - [i]Vice President[/i]
[b]Lincoln[/b] - [i]Vice President Emeritus[/i]

[size=3][b]The Council[/b][/size]
[b]cmf0203[/b] - [i]Councilor[/i]
[b]juslen[/b] - [i]Councilor[/i]
[b]theArrowheadian[/b] - [i]Councilor[/i]

[size=3][b]Department of Foreign Affairs[/b][/size]
[b]Stealthkill[/b] - [i]Minister of Foreign Affairs[/i]

[u]Signed for Sparta:[/u][/b][/size]

[b]Supreme Council[/b]
Tulak Hord - [i]King of Sparta, Dark Lord of the Sith, Ephor of Alcohol Affairs and Royal Gatekeeper of the Brewery [/i]
Lukapaka - [i]King of Sparta, Eater of Babies, Master of Rage and Royal Bartender of Tulak's Brewery[/i]

[b]High Council[/b]
King Louis the II - [i]Ephor of Philoxenia[/i]
Yerushalayim - [i]Ephor of Lykoi[/i]
Patbrown1413 - [i]Ephor of Mesoa[/i]

[b]Middle Council[/b]
Wilhelm the Demented - [i]Elder of Lykoi[/i]
whitetigger - [i]Elder of Lykoi[/i]
Hyperion321 - [i]Elder of Lykoi[/i]
Alexandros O Megas - [i]Elder of Philoxenia[/i]
Jap468 - [i]Elder of Philoxenia, Seducer of Men[/i]
Silent Spectre - [i]Elder of Philoxenia[/i]
Holy Empire of Halin - [i]Elder of Mesoa[/i]
Stetim - [i]Elder of Mesoa[/i]
Enzos - [i]Politarch of Sparta[/i]

Trinite - [color=#FF40FF][i]Lover[/i][/color]
Darklink -[color=#0040FF] [i]Hero of Time[/i][/color]
Unholy - [color=#FFFF00][i]Nobody likes him[/i][/color]
Valek - [color=#00BF00][i]The forum guy[/i][/color]


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This is a congratulatory post. It is absolutely devoid of any humor what so ever. I will now end this harmless post in a hail of my friends in the alliances of Farkistan, Mostly Harmless Alliance, and R&R.

Hail Farkistan.
Hail Mostly Harmless Alliance.
Hail R&R.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, and are not concerned by my post at all.

Edited by Hyperion321
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Hail hail hail!!!!

Months of work, and finally.... the greatest bloc there ever was.

So much love to my friends in MHA, R&R and Farkistan. I look forward to [s]working[/s] drinking with all of you perpetually down the road!

Edited by Lukapaka
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