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Libertas Factbook


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[u][b]Libertasray National Flag[/b][/u]



[b]Type Of Government[/b]:Democracy

[b]President[/b]:Clarence Ray

[b]Capital[/b]:Clarence Town

[b]Languages[/b]:English, mainly

[b]Religion[/b]: 41% Christian/Catholic 21% Agnostic 5% Atheist 1% Satanist 5% Buddhist 24% Other

[b]Population (Including Military Numbers)[/b]:91,838,154

[b]National Currency[/b]:Liberta, or Dollar

[b]Military Number[/b]: 76,500

[u][b]Government Positions[/b][/u]

President-Clarence Ray
Vice President-James Ryan
Minister of Defense-Daren'o Kelly
Minister of Foreign Affairs-Harry Tall
Minister of Propaganda-Sarah Darfelloson
Minister of Education-Ryan Busey
Military Generals-George Jefferson, Sarah'o Donnel, Dave Kerry, Jake Durr, and Hale White

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[b][size="4"]Military of Libertas[/size][/b]


[u]First infantry Division[/u]

Total Troops-17,000 Combat
6,000 Support troops

[u]Support Vehicles[/u]
21,000 Humvees
2,000 Tanks
1,000 Transports

Has 2,000 Sniping Units
Equipment for snipers are as follows...

50 Cal
M9 Service Pistols
Combat Knives
C4 packs
Remington 1100 Tactical Shotgun

Has 14,000 Army Units
Equipment is as follows...

M9 Service Pistol
Combat Knives
M-249 SAW
M-240 Machine Gun
M-1014 Joint Service Combat Shotgun
MP-5 Sub-Machine Gun
Hand Grenades

1,000 Special Forces units, they use the same weapons as the Army and will be explained later.

[u]Second Infantry Division[/u]

This Division mainly has a special group known as The Libertas F.I.N.E
F.I.N.E Has a current 13,000 units and are specially trained for 3 months under the
most harsh conditions on the planet, to this day only 500 have been killed in combat.

[u]Third Infantry Division[/u]

This Division Contains the most amount of Ground troops from all the divisions containing
26,000 ground troops.

[b]Libertas Air Force[/b]
The Air Force of Libertas contains 8,000 units
and 6 divisions.

3,000 F16s
1,000 F15s
1,000 Harriers
1,000 Black Hawks
500 Apaches
500 B52s
1,000 Tupolev Tu-160s

[b]Libertas Navy[/b]
The Libertas Navy has one Division, consisting of 225 ships world wide...

50 Corvettes
25 Destroyers
50 Battleships
6 Air Craft Carriers
7 Submarines
31 Frigates
56 Landing Ships

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[u][size="5"][b]Tanks and Armor[/b][/size][/u]

7,000 Abrams


2,000 Bradleys


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[b]Climate[/b]:Temperate, reaches 82 degrees in summer time and about 28 degrees in winter.

[b]Environment[/b]:Hilly with lots of plains, along with a couple very large forests

[b]National Animal[/b]:The Gray Wolf


[b]National Coat of Arms[/b]:[img]http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_tH4-5GDfhC8/TLNlFpnL3iI/AAAAAAAAAmA/TSPQKwfoUQM/s1600/Northern_Ireland_coat_of_arms.png[/img]

[b]States of Libertas[/b]:Lex Ray, Harris, New Deranworth, And Old Florence

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