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Pass the Wench, Pass the Booze, We Be Hangin With These NEAT Foolz

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[center][IMG]http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k146/Cross-slash/officialflag.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k146/Cross-slash/27374.jpg[/IMG]

[quote]The alliances of Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism and the Pirates of the Parrot Order come here today to help solidify their relationship of friendship more than before. They have watched as their memberships grew closer and they shared a common interest in CN. It is with those interests that the Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism (hence forth referred to as “NEAT”) and the Pirates of the Parrot Order (hence forth referred to as “PPO”) sign the following treaty.


Both the PPO and NEAT acknowledge that we are awesome alliances and as such, to attack one another would NOT be cool. As such, both parties agree to also refrain from financially or militarily aiding anyone that the other signatory is militarily engaged with.

[b]Optional Defense[/b]

Both the PPO and NEAT realize that there are times when we may not always be there for one another, but when they can, the signatories are encouraged pledge aid to the other it financially, militarily, and/or diplomatically in times of need.


Both alliances agree not to spy on one another and to refrain from withholding ANY information that could be crucial of direct military action on the other signatories or their direct allies. Both the PPO and NEAT also agree to keep the information to a need-to-know confidentiality so as to refrain from leaks and other threats to security.


Should either alliance for whatever reason tend to break the other’s heart by cancelling the treaty, then they must let the other signatory know with respect and dignity and allow for 48hours of reconsideration before the treaty is to become null and void and all hope to be shattered.

Signed for the PPO:

[b]Captain:[/b] Lurunin
[b]Commander of Internal Affairs:[/b] Silent Blood Line
[b]Commander of War:[/b] SpliceVW
[b]Commander of Foreign Affairs:[/b] PIMPTOPIA
[b]Commander of Recruitment:[/b] anguskahn

Signed for NEAT:

[b]The NEAT General Assembly[/b]


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[quote name='jayhova804' timestamp='1304541020' post='2706150']
Its about time Lurunin


you could have done it you damn Socialist :P

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