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The Men Who Ride on Goats

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On the 26th of July 2009 something unique and fresh entered the Cyberverse with the DoE of The Golden Horde. The Golden Horde was founded and existed with the intentions of making a fun alliance for its members to exist in and for 10 months it did exactly that. It was a sad moment on the 22nd of June 2010 when The Golden Horde announced its merger into its former protector. Since then i have been looking for a place in CN that provided as much comradery and fun as TGH did and i could not find it. It is because of this i have decided to dust of the goat reins and golden colored head wear to Declare the re-existence of The Golden Horde on the Orange sphere and under the following charter or Yassa as it is called hereafter:


The Yassa of the Golden Horde is to be followed by all members alike, the Yassa holds no exceptions to its text or to its symbolism. It is the job of the Khan, Viziers, the Kurultai and the Beklare-bek to interpret the Yassa but realize that in interpreting they are not above the Yassa but bound by it. The Yassa is the highest set of laws in the alliance, if any request or act is made which contradicts the writings of the Yassa, it is to be considered an act, not only against the Yassa, but more importantly against the members which have upheld it without fault.

Article I: Membership

A ) Applications:
In order to become a member of the horde, one must post an application in the correct form, an outline of which is located on the hordes forum. When a potential member has posted the right information his application will be reviewed by the Vizier of Internal Affairs and either accepted or rejected as he deems fit. The only person that can veto this decision is the Khan. Once accepted said member is to change his alliance affiliation to: 'The Golden Horde' and put the ID he received in his nation bio. Faillure to do so can result in disciplinary actions by the government.

B ) Member Behaviour:
Civility, Respect and Dignity are principles the Golden Horde holds very high. It is for that reason, that by the law of the Yassa, all members, including the Viziers, The Kurultai, the Beklare-bek and the Chieftain are to upheld these principles at all costs.

C ) Member Removal:
Khan holds the right to remove a member from the horde whenever he deems fit. Upon removal the member in question will be stripped of rank and demoted to exhile, he/she may beg for the decision to be overturned by the rest of the government. The Viziers and the Beklare-bek can choose to conclave for a period of 48 hours, during which they may decide to veto the decision of the Khan

D) Member Activity:
In order to ensure the future of the alliance all members are required to be active within the community. Members will be required to post a minimum of 2 times per week on the alliance forums. failure to do so will mean the member in question will receive one strike against their name. after 3 strikes the member will be (demoted from their government post should they have one) required to give a statement as to why they are not able to meet the requirements. the statement will be reviewed and depending on the results of the review the member will either be punished accordingly (after which the members strikes will be reset) or allowed a special pardon which will exempt them from the strike system for a period of 2 months after which they will again be required to reach the minimum post requirement.

Article II: The Government

A ) The Khan :
The Khan is the highest ranking member of the horde to which all major decisions in regards to the direction of the horde must be approved including the signing of treaties. The Position of the Khan is hereditory and may only be passed to another upon the Khans retirement. The Khans authority is not limited in any way and he can control any area of the alliance as he deems fit.

B ) The Beklare-Bek:
The Beklare-bek is the second highest ranking member of the horde acting as Prime Minister. The Beklare-bek is the closest advisor of the Genghis Khan. The Beklare-bek is to open up and lead discussions, search for ways to improve the horde, and address any issues members may have. His task is also to make sure that the hordes inner workings run smoothly. In the instance that the Khan is unable to fulfill his duties, or decides to step down, the Beklare-bek will temporarily be in charge of the horde until the Khan can fulfill his duties again, or a new Khan has been chosen. He will hold the position until his retirement, or impeachment. In the event the Beklare-bek steps down, A vote will be opened by the Viziers. This vote will last for 7 days. The candidate with the most votes, will ascend to the rank of Beklare-bek.

C ) The Viziers: The Viziers of the Golden Horde are the 3rd highest ranking members of the alliance. They are responsible for one specific aspect of the alliance, be it Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Finance, Recruitment or War. The Responsibilities of the Viziers are to ensure that their particular ministry runs smoothly. They are to oversee all things within their respective area. The Viziers can be appointed and removed by the Genghis Khan. Each Vizier may appoint up to two Darughachi's, to help him oversee and maintain their ministry.

Article IV: Policies

A ) Nuclear Policy:

When fighting a defensive or offensive war, members of the Golden Horde are allowed to use nuclear first strikes. However if the Khan feels that the use of nuclear arms is unnecessary in an offenive war he may state this before the Declaration of war is passed. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a review of the situation by the Khan and Beklare-bek and may result in expulsion or even military action

B ) Raiding Policy:

The Golden Horde is tolerant of tech raiding aslong as the raider has asked permission, recieved permission and gives notification of the begining of the raid so that it can be monitored. Members of the horde are never to attack nations that are members of alliances with 10 or more nations or a ligitimate protector. The raiding of aligned or even unaligned nations within the Orange sphere is strictly prohibited. Raiding is to be carried out on a 1 on 1 basis only. Failure to comply with this article will me met with punishment by the Khan and Beklare-Bek

C ) War Policy:

Unauthorized attacks on affiliated nations are not allowed unless permission is given (see IV:B). Violation of this article will be met with punishment, wich may be a fine, or even exile. Any member assisting the attacker without permission does not represent the ideals of the Golden Horde and will share in the punishment given to the initiating nation. Only by a unanimous decision by all Viziers, the Beklare-bek and the Khan is sufficient enough confidence for the Golden Horde to go to war.

D) Foriegn Affairs Policy:

The Golden Horde will strive to make allies in the cyberverse based on friendship before convenience. Before signing any treaty the government of TGH must be confident that they know and trust every member of the other alliance's government. Should any member of TGH feel that they know something or feel uncomfortable with any aspect of the relationship this should be brought to the attention of the Vizier of Foriegn affairs for investigation. Any and all treaties can only be cancelled by the Khan.

Article V: Amendments

In order to amend the Yassa, approval of the Khan is required. any member of the alliance can submit a suggestion regarding amendments to the Vizier of Internal affairs. should he/she feel that the amendment is worth the consideration of the Khan he/she may then pass it on to the Khan [/quote]

And in order to prevent us being curbstomped by China we have found some big dude to back us up in the form of IRON!
I would like to thank IRON for both their protection and their generous deal of just 3 goats for this amazing protectorate..... suckers!

[quote] the Golden IRON Accords


The Golden Horde just returned from a Nutrition seminar with IRON on their mind. Why IRON you might think? Well, part of a solid nourishment is just the right amount of IRON. In order to secure their source of IRON, grow healthy and strong both alliances have resolved to the following.

Article 1 - Playing Nice:

Neither signatory will attack the other or make threats against each other. In addition to this, members shall refrain from calling each other names and making generally defamatory comments.

Article 2 - Playing Mean:

A. If anyone tries to mess with TGH, IRON will come and kick their ass. TGH can also assist IRON if they desire. If TGH does something stupid and starts it, although if sufficient evidence is provided, they can get what's coming to them.
B. Spying is bad, don't do it!

Article 3 - Sharing:

We both agree to share our secrets if they concern each other.

Article 4 - Splitting Up:

This Agreement may be cancelled at any time, however it will remain in effect for 72 hours after official notification has been made.

Article 5 - Expiration:

This Agreement shall automatically expire after Ninety-Three (93) days unless both contracting parties agree to extend it.

Signed for the Independent Republic of Orange Nations

MCRABT, President of IRON
not adolf hitler, Council Member, Secretary of State
Cristoir, Council Member, Deputy Secretary of State
Peron, Council Member, Minister of Defence
Theophilos, Council Member, Minister of Internal Affairs
bcndwilson, Council Member, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs
Matt Miller, Council Member, Minister of The IRON Vault
Queltocz, Council Member, Deputy Minister of The IRON Vault

Signed for The Golden Horde

Combat Pope, Khan
Port Royale, Beklare-Bek
Cuppcake, Vizier
Rawdon, Vizier
toneloc35, Vizier
hodgo22, Vizier [/quote]

Note: at this point the Viziers are not specific as i wish during this early stage for all to be working together in all departments. Once i feel we are ready Port Royal and myself shall appoint specific departments to the Viziers

We are at #Golden on Coldfront and forums are here: http://s1.zetaboards.com/TheGoldenHorde/index/
That is all for now, goats rule.

Combat Pope
Khan, The golden Horde

Edited by CombatPope
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[quote name='SADeki' timestamp='1304308415' post='2703776']
His death was only natural in the sense that it's natural to die when a gaping hole forms where part of your brain used to be.

So this is what it too for CP to be in charge of an alliance. I'm scared :ph34r:

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[quote name='CombatPope' timestamp='1304380394' post='2704470']
lol try harder aboooe
That would require me actually caring. :3

Boonney. :wub:

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[quote name='potato' timestamp='1304421175' post='2705090']
I'm left wondering what is different from the first try and what makes you think you're going to succeed this time?

Well firslty this time i am in charge and secondly i have alot of time to spare until september so i can devote alot of it to ensuring we have a very strong alliance of active members.

Im hoping by making activity a term of membership i can create an allince that will go places and always have good active people to get jobs done. i'd rather have 30 active members than 5 active members with 105 inactives to drag around.

we have started off well enough with a very strong core which im sure will deliver.

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[quote name='potato' timestamp='1304421175' post='2705090']
I'm left wondering what is different from the first try and what makes you think you're going to succeed this time?

They don't have me this time :P

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