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This place about to blowwww


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Id just like to appologize for my absence lately on the forums. I have been without electricity for about 5-6 days now since the April 27th Tornadoes. My area in Alabama was hit really hard and ive gotten temporarily internet access via a hotel computer. Tommorow im going back to Alabama and will be lacking internet for awhile. Hopefully soon I will have a new permanant home but for now im more worried about survival in a area without power D: So for all of you who have been wondering where ive been or why I havent been posting in certain places, now you know.


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[quote name='Emperor Marx' timestamp='1304317988' post='2703950']
Good luck to you, I know it can't be easy going through this but the Red Cross and FEMA (haha, right?) will pull through. I hope your insurance didn't screw you out of your policy either.

I can see the conversation now:
"Hello sir, uhhh, you're not covered for acts of god so we're going to have to cancel your insurance"

Good luck Rotavele.

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I hope you keep yourself safe and your insurance covers any damage to your home and property, we'll keep the light on for ya rota, and if anyone is foolish enough to attack you in CNRP I got your back at the very least.

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I'm glad you're alive. My town was spared, but not by more than 15-20 miles. I've seen Pleasant Grove and it's awful. Good luck with the recovery, holler if you need anything.


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Dude my town got hit by a hurricane ~three years ago and my house was severely damaged and I still played a large part in conducting a war throughout the entire ordeal. You have no excuse. :P

Good luck and all. Hope all the family and friends are safe.

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