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Announcement from the Viridian Entente and Avalon

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As a cessation of hostilities, Avalon and The Viridian Entente hereby agree to White Peace.

Decreed in the year of our Mods and Holy Admin Kevin, this day April 30, 2011 by Her Royal Ladyship and Supreme Majesty,
Queen Kandria, Sovereign of all Avalon

Signed for the Prime Minister of Her Majesty's Government:
First Lord of Avalon, Subotai, Lord of Blades of Shadow

Signed for the Foreign Office of His Majesty's Government:
Deputy Foreign Secretary, Guffey, Lord of Arimias"

Signed for the Houses of Avalon by the Home Office:
Lord High Chancellor, David der Grosse, Lord of New Nippon

Signed for the Viridian Entente,


Impero, Lord of the Entente
Solaris, Duke of the Entente
Goldie, Secretary of Defense
Cornelius, Secretary of State
Bergini, Secretary of the Interior
Asawyer, Secretary of Economics

Edited by Il Impero Romano
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[quote name='wickedj' timestamp='1304278232' post='2703290']

Fixed it for you, VE never disbanded man!

Good luck rebuilding Avalon and good on VE for giving them white peace.

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[quote name='NationRuler' timestamp='1304290192' post='2703446']
Wow, now you can come out of peace mode!
[url="http://www.cybernations.net/search_wars.asp?searchstring=Declaring_Alliance%2CReceiving_Alliance&search=Avalon+Viridian+Entente"]They kind of already did.[/url]

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