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Happy birthday LSF

Soviet Limburg

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On 20:01:33 CET on the 27th of January 2007 irc changed forever, with me becoming the owner of #lsf. "Owner" you ask? How can such social constructs be allowed in an irc channel for anarchists? It actually became worse when I left LSF late 2007 for greener patches of grass and thus becoming de facto [i]viceroy[/i] of #lsf. Nevertheless all things considered, all went well. My role was more or less a [i]necessity[/i] for quite some time, when actual LSF members were nowhere to be seen on the vast ircverse for months.

But those days are long past, LSF maintains a solid and active presense on irc and they even have a secret private room now that I'm not supposed to know about! ;) Suffice to say that on LSF's fifth birthday I'll gladly take on a more humble position, fitting for an old friend, and leave the channel to its new masters.

Happy birthday LSF!

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