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The Summit of the Imperator

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The following message would be sent to the UFE via the Vaulian Embassy:

[b]To: The Government of the United Federation of the East
Fr: The Office of the Imperator of the Serene Republic of Vaule[/b]

On behalf of His Most Orthodox Royal Highness, Imperator Pyotr of the Serene Republic of Vaule, we hereby extend an invitation to the leaders of the United Federation of the East (UFE) to a summit to discuss deepening the levels of cooperation between our two nations.

His Excellency, the Imperator, in consultation with His Government has expressed a desire to strengthen the political, military, cultural and economic ties between our two nations and to strengthen our established alliance

The Serene Republic of Vaule would also like to use the proposed summit as a venue to introduce our new Ambassador to the United Federation of the East. We propose, if it is acceptable to the UFE government, that the summit be held in the city of Sygh-Varthys.

We look forward to your reply.

Bryon Svatek, Prime Minister
Adam Kerbev, Deputy Prime Minister[/i]

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[quote][b]Dispatch from the United Federation of the East[/b]
[b]To:[/b] The Office of the Imperator of the Serene Republic of Vauleyo
[b]From:[/b] The Office of the August Imperator, United Federation of the East


August Imperator Jia has instructed us to inform you he is having his plane prepared for a journey to Sygh-Varthys, attending with him will be his personal staff including his chief of staff, national security adviser, and chief economic adviser.


Qi, Chief of Staff of the Office of the August Imperator[/quote]

OOC: You want any pomp and ceremony or just get to the meeting?

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OOC: Maybe a bit of pomp and ceremony :)


As soon as Imperator Jia’s plane touched down at the Sygh-Varthys International Airport, a military honor guard was assembled to greet him. The honor guard consisted almost entirely of OZ Special Forces troops.


The Prime Minister of the Serene Republic waited on the tarmac to greet the Imperator. Once Jia emerged, the Prime Minister and his translator walked over to greet him.

“Imperator Jia, on behalf of the people and government of Vaule, welcome to the Serene Republic”-Prime Minister Svatek

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Jia was dressed in the dark green and gold colors of the UFE's high level military uniforms. He snapped a salute at the soldiers from OZ as he exited the plane. Behind him several of the imperial guard returned the salute of the OZ soldiers.

"Thank you." Jia said, his translator speaking for him, "I appreciate you inviting me to your magnificent country and look forward to a productive meeting between our two governments." he said.

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After exchanging pleasantries, the Prime Minister escorts Imperator Jia and his entourage to the Imperial Palace in Sygh-Varthys for the meeting. In one of the conference rooms on the 2nd floor of the Palace, the Imperator and his staff waited patiently to greet their guests.

As soon as Imperator Jia arrived and was shown to the conference room, the Imperator greeted him:

[i]“Imperator Jia, welcome to the Serene Republic. I hope that your journey was an enjoyable one.”[/i]-Pyotr

After all of the assembled government officials and their translators took their seats, Prime Minister Svatek began:

[i] “Our government has always had a positive diplomatic relationship with the United Federation of the East (UFE). This diplomatic relationship has survived many tests and challenges, but has remained nonetheless. Our nations have solidified our diplomatic relationship with the signing of a Mutual Defense Pact (MDP).

My government wishes to pursue a deepening of ties and an expansion of our diplomatic ties into several new areas. We feel that there are areas in which we may increase cooperation between our two nations. It is my hope that we may strengthen cultural, political, economic, military and diplomatic ties. I also hope that we may cooperate more closely on matters of regional concern.

More specifically, my government proposes the upgrading of the existing Mutual Defense Pact (MDP) to a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact (MDoAP). We also propose that such a treaty contain a provision to allow for an upgrade to a full Mutual Defense and Aggression Pact (MDAP) after a particular period of time has passed and if both parties still support the idea. I also propose another round of joint military exercises.

On the economic front, my government proposes a significant reduction in tariffs on goods traded between our nations along with preferential trade agreements which would encourage increased trade and business expansion in our two countries. On some specific non-petroleum goods, my government is willing to offer a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Imperator Jia, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these initial proposals, as well as your views on the future of the Vaulian-UFE diplomatic relationship”[/i]-Prime Minister Svatek

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Jia listened intently to the translation as it came in remaining silent while nodding and taking notes while the Prime Minister and Imperator of Vauleyo made their speeches before speaking.

Taking a sip of water he then spoke, "Thank you, Imperator, Mr. Prime Minister, the Federation is honored by your kind words. Let me start with military aspect and move down.

In regards to the military aspect I find your proposals to be agreeable. I would propose a mutual defense and optional aggression pact with a clause that automatically upgrades the pact after thirty days to a full MADP unless one party objects before hand. We can also engage in joint military exercises, are there certain aspects which you wish to engage in for this, air, land, sea, space, cyber, amphibious, etc?

In regards to economics, we are fine with this. The Federation as a major silicon and rare earth minerals producer feels this could be beneficial to us particularly in regards to Vauleyo's access to the siberian wilderness which we see as ripe for solar energy in particular." Jia said.

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After listening carefully to the translation while an aide made notes, Prime Minister Svatek spoke again:

[i]“Imperator Jia, I am glad that we appear to be in agreement regarding the future of the military relationship between our two nations. My staff has begun preparing a draft text to reflect the matters discussed thus far.

Regarding military exercises, we propose holding joint naval exercises sometime in the near future. Such an exercise would give both of our militaries a chance to demonstrate strategies and techniques, as well as to build trust and cooperation between our armed forces. Since due to our proposed military treaty, we may be called upon to render military assistance to the UFE or vice versa, we feel that it is important that our forces gain experience working alongside their UFE counterparts.

On the economic front, we would welcome the UFE becoming our primary source for silicon. As we are in the process of diversifying our energy production to include sustainable renewable energy, we would welcome cooperation on solar energy production, which would permit us to export excess energy to the UFE and other nearby nations. It is also my government’s intention to explore the feasibility of constructing two nuclear power plants to supplement our existing energy production capabilities.

Additionally, my government feels that we need to strengthen and increase the level of communication between our two nations. Though we are allies we have hardly utilized the channels of communication available to us. On our side of the equation, my government will be replacing our Ambassador to the UFE with a more experienced diplomat who we feel can serve as a better channel of communication.

Imperator Jia, in the spirit of improved communication, I would like to know if there are any matters which you wish to raise, concerns that you have, or questions related to our tentative agreements thus far or any other subject. I look forward to hearing more about your position on these matters.”[/i]-Prime Minister Svatek

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"In regards to Naval Exercises and navy in general, we would propose the construction of a multi-layered SOSUS line between Alaska and Siberia. This will effectively create a monitoring net along the Pacific's Northern Entrance that would be circumventable. Once completed our Alaskan Forces with your Eastern Siberian Forces could engage in anti-missile submarine warfare exercises.

Sadly considering the history of the world recently, it is our opinion that preventative action blocking rogue nations from deploying nuclear weapons in the Pacific Rim is among the most probable events which will prompt the use of UFE military power. We feel this sort of exercise would be an excellent starting point.

In regards to energy. This would work well for us. Our bureau of energy is continuing to make progress on ultra long range high voltage direct current lines which can transmit power over much greater distances without energy losses and is more resistant to surges. We would offer to do joint ventures with our firms who produce this technology acquiring stakes within Vauleyo firms (though not necessarily majority stakes) to build up the Vauleyo domestic grid, while building much of the grid going East themselves.

Lastly in regards to diplomacy. I confess, I do not handle my diplomatic corps. I leave that to my Grand Vizier, however, I shall instruct him to re-examine the performance of our diplomatic officers in your country and give me an assessment of where that can be improved.

I personally cannot think of any real concerns at this time. There do not seem to be any major pressing concerns to us within the geographic theaters in which we are likely to cooperate the most, and I haven't found anything objectionable or concerning about your nation's actions recently internationally, domestically your internal affairs aren't much of my business."

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[i]"We began construction of a SOSUS line off the coast of Alaska, but the project was abandoned prior to completion. We would gladly revisit the idea as a joint endeavor between our two nations. Anti-missile submarine warfare exercises would, in our view, be beneficial to our Naval Forces.

We see no reason to oppose joint ventures in energy production as well. Any renewable energy source which allows our nation to generate enough energy to meet our own domestic demands and which allows us to export energy as well would be a project that our government, and several of our energy companies would be willing to invest in.

Imperator Jia, here is a copy of a draft text of our current agreements. Please let me know if it covers all of the major areas under discussion sufficiently and if it meets your approval."[/i]-PM Svatek


[quote][b][u]The Zhukovgrad Accords (Vaule/UFE)[/b][/u]

[b]Article 1: Sovereignty[/b]

The Serene Republic of Vaule and the United Federation of the East, hereafter referred to as the undersigned nations, are sovereign nations. This accord shall not infringe upon this sovereignty.

[b]Article 2: Non Aggression[/b]

The undersigned nations shall not undertake any action, overt or covert in nature which undermines the sovereignty or territorial integrity of the other nation. Aggressive actions by one of the undersigned nations against the other undersigned nation are strictly forbidden.

[b]Article 3: Intelligence Sharing
Should one of the undersigned nations obtain intelligence which is important to the security of the other signatory, the nation is required to pass this information on to the other signatory in a timely manner.

[b]Article 4: Mutual Defense[/b]

Should either signatory fall victim to an act of aggression by a third party, the other signatory is obligated to render assistance upon request. The nature of this assistance may be financial, political or military in nature depending upon the request from the party that is under attack.

[b]Article 5: Optional Aggression[/b]

Should a signatory engage in a war of aggression against a third party, the other signatory is encouraged, but by no means required to render aid upon request. Such aid may be in the form of political, military or financial assistance depending upon the request from the party which has entered into the war of aggression.
Article 5b: Mutual Aggression*[/b]

[i](After a period of thirty days (30), unless one of the two undersigned nations expresses a desire to the contrary, this Article shall replace Article 5. Until that time, this Article is not active.)[/i]

Should a signatory engage in a war of aggression, the other signatory is obligated to render assistance upon request. The nature of this assistance may be political, financial or military in nature depending upon the request. If time and security concerns permit, the nation engaging in the war of aggression should inform the other signatory of their intent to activate this clause prior to the beginning of hostilities.

[b]Article 6: Economic Agreements[/b]

The undersigned nations shall agree to substantially reduce tariffs on goods imported from the other signatory. For non-petroleum products, the undersigned nations agree to eliminate tariffs on such goods. The undersigned nations agree to take steps to increase the volume of trade between their nations and to facilitate economic cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

[b]Article 7: Joint Military Projects & Exercises[/b]

The undersigned nations shall agree to undertake joint military projects and exercises which are deemed to be beneficial to both signatories.

[b]Article 8: Replacement Clause[/b]

This accord shall supersede and replace any other treaty which exists between the two undersigned nations.

[b]Article 9: Cancellation Clause[/b]

Should either of the undersigned nations feel that this agreement is no longer in line with their national interests, they are required to inform the other signatory, after which a 72 hour cancellation period will begin. During this cancellation period the treaty remains active and both nations are bound by its terms and conditions. Once this period has elapsed the treaty shall be considered terminated.

Should either signatory violate the terms of this agreement, then an automatic cancellation of the treaty shall occur.

[b]Signed for the United Federation of the East,[/b]
Jia, August Imperator of the United Federation of the East

[b]Signed for the Serene Republic of Vaule,
B. Svatek, Prime Minister of the Serene Republic

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Jia reviewed the text of the treaty lay before him briefly before, "... I find this treaty to be desirable." he said finally signing his name to it.


Jia, August Imperator of the United Federation of the East[/quote]

"If I may ask, is there any equipment which your nation is looking to obtain of a military nature?"

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After scanning the treaty once more to ensure that all was as discussed, Prime Minister Svatek added his signature before handing the treaty to Imperator Pyotr. The Imperator added his signature to the document before turning to address Imperator Jia:

[i]"Imperator Jia, may the ties between our two countries that we have strengthened today stand as a testament to the brotherhood between our peoples."[/i]

[quote name='Triyun' timestamp='1304824814' post='2708333']
"If I may ask, is there any equipment which your nation is looking to obtain of a military nature?"

Prime Minister Svatek paused for a moment before replying:
[i]"As we are still in the midst of a massive restructuring of our armed forces, I am not yet able to say with absolute certainty at this time, what equipment we will be considering procuring. It is highly likely that we will be seeking a replacement for our existing Stalingrad class Frigates."[/i]

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