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By Royal Engagment

Colonel brick

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[QUOTE][b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] Hello and Welcome to the UKBC News Channel.
[b]Blonde Co-Host:[/b] We have some Breaking news just in from Manchester Castle.
[b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] Our top story tonight: By Royal Engagement
[b]Blonde co-Host:[/b] Prince Bill of Sharks has proposed to his girlfriend of 8 years, Katie Middlesex!
[b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] The Prince proposed to Miss Middlesex in an Air Force helicopter, which we believe he was flying at the time.
[b]Blonde Co-Host:[/b] Luckily the Co-Pilot realised what the Prince was doing and managed to take control of the chopper before it tumbled to the ground.
[b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] We have interviewed a few people about this, one of which is in the studio with us now. Yes it's our Colonel-in-chief, Colonel Brick.
[b]Colonel Brick:[/b] Hi Bob
[b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] Colonel, what are your thoughts on this?
[b]Colonel Brick:[/b] It is great to see the young prince and his lovely girlfriend together and what a show he made of nearly crashing that chopper...
[b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] Yes we're just getting footage of that now...
[b]Colonel Brick:[/b] I think it is fantastic and I am now definitely looking forward to the wedding at Wolverhampton Abbey
[b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] And will you be celebrating the Prince's engagement tonight?
[b]Colonel Brick:[/b] Absolutely, the Mrs and I will be drinking ourselves silly with Crystal champagne, courtesy of the Tax payer.
[b]Overpaid anchorman:[/b] Well do enjoy yourself, sir
[b]Blonde Co-Host:[/b] and that's it from us tonight (Push out Breats) Until next time, goodbye![/QUOTE]

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