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[center][color="#8B0000"][size="4"][font="Arial Black"][b]Gotham Announcement[/b][/font][/size][/color][/center]

Hello citizens of planet bob,

I would like to make this announcement short and simple. Gotham will be hosting a festival starting on Saturday 30th April ending on the Monday 2nd May. The Gothafest will host various amount of competitons single and also alliance competitions with amazing looking badges and other prizes to be won, in additions you get to enter our Gotham Musuem hall of fame section. There will be many competitios involving many aspects and ideas, all you need is to hop over to our forums on saturday and register, then you will fid a Gothafest welcome desk where you can just apply quickly for a mask for the Fest, its that simple.

We hope see everyone there..and it will be Great! :smug:

our forums:www.cnbatcave.com

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