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Legion Holdings and Such

Captain Enema

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[b]Port Sudan[/b]

Legion Forces in the form of the Home Guard Brigade controls Port Sudan. A comprehensive coastal defense network, ADA Network, and harbor defense systems are in place from the former Nation of Legion.

Two massive concrete coastal fortifications with 12 independent ASM Silos are to the north and south of Port Sudan.

Home Guard Brigade

21st Legion Reserve Regiment- 2200 Men
22nd Legion Reserve Regiment- 2200 Men
2001st Services and Support Brigade-3400 men

Legion training detachments include:

Infantry Basic
Infantry Advanced
Specialist Schools
Special Forces Operator School
Other Assorted Schools and Training Courses

Air Wings:
334th Air Transport Wing
443rd Ground Support Wing- Tasked With border security

Border Police
1st Border Police Brigade-3400 men
2nd Border Police Brigade-3400 men

Currently patrolling the border between Aeon and Rebel Army.

Reserve Depot:

1 Armored Brigade, 2 Motorized Brigades in secured and guarded depots with the 999th Maintenance Brigade to keep the machinery properly functioning. In times of war the 999th will be used as the Support and Services Brigade of the deployed field forces.

[b]Fort Kimberly-Australia[/b]

105th Legion Battalion-2000 men
335th Air Strike Wing- 36 F-16 Fighters

Minimal ADA Assests, Minimal Harbor Defense measures. Logical explanation, if USC wants Kimberly back there isn't much we are going to do to stop them. Standing orders, put up an honorable resistance and sue for reasonable terms.

Supplementary Orders: All assistance is to be given to USC Government Agencies in law enforcement and civil matters. Reparations are going to be made to compensate Australia civilians for the loss of their homes and property, market value plus a small increase for goodwill measures.

In the event of hostile foreign actions against USC, provide what support to assist them in humanitarian matters and request permission for active military involvement against aggressors to the USC.

Ongoing projects:

Fort Kimberly Project- The creation of a proper military base for the housing of Legion personnel.

Fort Kimberly Harbor Project- Expanding the harbor for civilian and military applications.

Australian Rail Project- Linking Kimberly to the USC rail networks for commercial purposes.

Reserve Depots:

1 Armored Regiment
1 Artillery Battery-105mm Howitzers

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[quote]Private Meeting, Dellion and USC Foreign Minister Bolling[/quote]

[quote] 09:24 Legionrepresentative punches the number to the the USC Foreign Office.
09:25 TheShammySocialist The line is answered, "Foreign Office, General Inquiries, how may I be of assistance?"
09:26 Legionrepresentative asks, "My name is Harold Dellion of the African Legion. We wish to speak to your foreign minister or an appropriate representative in regards to Kimberly."
09:28 TheShammySocialist "Ah yes, the African Legion, I will patch you through to Deputy Foreign Minister Edward Bolling," said the General Inquiries representative, putting the call through to Bolling.
09:28 Legionrepresentative responds, "Hello, this is Harold Dellion of the African Legion, I wish to speak of you regarding Kimberly."
09:29 TheShammySocialist "Good morning Mr. Dellion, we have been waiting for this call, please, do go right ahead."
09:30 Legionrepresentative says, "Well I think we all know that the entire Independent Australia business was a pile of nonsense. We'd like to formalize a proper relationship between Legion and the USC. One built on honesty and mutual respect. Before we begin let me say that no matter how this meeting ends that the Legion has dedicated a considerable sum of money to repay the...
09:31 Legionrepresentative homeowners of Kimberly for their lost property."
09:32 TheShammySocialist "Of course, of course, we are also putting together a development project that will completely redefine Western Australia, and it would be good to secure a proper relationship with the only other country/organization that is on the continent."
09:32 TheShammySocialist "A proper relationship would be mutually beneficial to both our parties."
09:34 Legionrepresentative says, "At this time we'd like to drop the guise of Independent Australia, we would appreciate if the USC could recognize our claim to Kimberly and the lands around it. We loss several hundred men fighting against the Pihanan forces that attacked us after the fall of their government. Which of course brings us to another small problem, the reparation of former
09:35 Legionrepresentative Pihanan soldiers which we captured. We have some 1400 of them in captivity who we have put to work on Legion wage scales. We have another three hundred or so in our hospitals being treated."
09:37 TheShammySocialist "Of course, we will recognize your claim to Kimberley, and the small chunk of land around it. As for the repatriation of the Pihana soldiers, we can dispatch a military force to take them into custody. We would like to have any documentation on these soldiers you may have, as well, for investigation purposes."
09:39 Legionrepresentative replies, "Well as far as we can tell the rank and file are fairly reasonable chaps. Hard workers. The officers are a bit of a dodgy lot. We've put them into the city jail and are more than happy to keep them there.
09:40 TheShammySocialist "Well, we'll be sure to take care of them, the Interior Ministry can put them to work on infrastructure projects while being rehabilitated and acquainted with the new country they'll be stepping into."
09:41 Legionrepresentative As for the rest of them, they were just following orders of their officers. They seem pretty keen on returning to their homes. We'll be paying out their wages in Australian dollars for the work they've done while in our custody and releasing them with a proper suit of civilian clothing. It's a bit of a tradition dating back to the Legion's fight against
09:41 Legionrepresentative the Aether Empire."
09:46 TheShammySocialist "Of course, probably most of them will be able to return to their homes. No problem, our interior ministry will be vetting them carefully."
09:48 Legionrepresentative "I can't blame you there, given the reports we've been seeing about the problems in Darwin."
09:50 TheShammySocialist "Yes, there has been an insurrection in Darwin, and these rebels have been digging in quite deep, we'll root them out."
09:52 Legionrepresentative "Napalm is your friend, and on that note I'll be taking my leave of you. Thank you for your time."
09:53 TheShammySocialist "Anytime, it was good to hear from our neighbors, we'll be waiting for an official time and date to pick up the prisoners, and will issue a recognition of Kimberley soon."
09:55 Legionrepresentative "Well, give you blokes are busy with Darwin, we are happy to hold onto them for as long as you'd like us to. Likewise, you can show up whenever you are ready. We'll set aside some housing for your men in advance of their arrival for as long as they are in the Fort Kimberly area."
09:56 TheShammySocialist "Thank you, that is appreciated, we'll dispatch a transit group ASAP to Kimberley to take the prisoners into custody."
09:57 Legionrepresentative "Consider housing set aside then. I'll call ahead and inform General Deltrane to expect your arrival. Tell your boys not to bother bringing any vittles or such with them. As long as they are in Kimberly they are our guests and believe me when I say we make sure our guests eat properly and want for nothing."
09:58 TheShammySocialist "Very good, we'll be hearing from you, our convoy will be on its way as soon as it can get organized, thank you very much for your time."
09:59 Legionrepresentative "Not a problem, we'll be waiting, thank you for your time. " Dellion concludes and he hangs up the phone.[/quote]

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[b]To: Legion High Command
From: Chancellor Bridgette Saenger of Her Imperial Majesty's Government
Subject: Legion Holdings[/b]

[i]Dear Sir or Madam,

With the recent nuclear attack in Austria, the African Legion has presumably pledged fealty to the Austrian Empress, Maria Magdalena von Hapsburg. This pledge thus transmits all previous governing bodies of the African Legion to recognize Her Majesty as their head of state. However, unlike Cascadia, the African Legion is a much less organized political world force. I am aware of the recent troubles that have plagued the Union of the Southern Cross in dealing with the now defunct nation of Pihanna and the gains of the African Legion called Fort Kimberly. The Oceanic Region of the world has always held a strict Anti-Colonization policy since the birth of the Queendom of Austrian, some years ago, and my government is concerned of what the status of this base will be in the future. Whether Kimberly will be recognized as a part of the Austrian Empire or if the Legion will maintain a separate sovereignty over their bases.

If the latter is the case, then a Viceroy must be appointed for domestic administration of these bases as the pledging of fealty would be the official entrance of your forces into the Austrian Commonwealth. I am sure that this may have already been discussed with Her Majesty and parts of your command, but the Austrian Parliament has not been informed as of late and our constituents have a right to know if the Empire or the Commonwealth will have a say in the Oceanic region in the future.

Please respond with haste.

Yours sincerely under Her Majesty's Crown,

Bridgette Saenger[/i]

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[b]The future of Fort Kimberly will be as the Empress decides what it is to be. Legion has been in contact with the government of the USC and they recognize our claim to the area paid for by the blood spilled in battle against Pihanan Forces. As of now there is a small force, a reserve depot, and a engineering detachment at Fort Kimberly.

They have orders to cooperate with the government of USC in civil and police matters. I suppose you could appoint a viceroy over the area, but it seems a bit redundant. There are no civilians and a high ranking Legion Officer, Lt. General Deltrane, has command of the Fort for the time being. We will of course respect and follow all tasks the Empress asks of us.

My suggestion would be to consult with the Empress's staff and elicit their decision in the matter.

Legion Council,
Port Sudan[/b]

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[b]Legion Council Directive #301-Classified- Legionnaire Eyes Only[/b]
RE: Establishment of undivided loyalties.

The Legion has stepped into the role of the Empress's Imperial Guard. She commands us and we follow her. No Legionnaire will question her orders providing they don't fall outside of the Legion's Code of Conduct. We are not Germans, the excuse of following orders will only be met with a noose in the Legion.

Given recent rumbles within the Austrian Government it is important the Legion be aware that our place in Austria is to defend and support the Empress. We do not involve ourselves in politics. However, it is the Legion Council's expressed hope that internal dissent be dealt with by Austrians, but it is far to early to tell what extent will be in this matter.

A highly amended Rules of Engagement is being distributed for internal operations should the Legion be tasked with assisting Austrian Government Officials.

1) Hostile force will be met with minimal force. If fired upon, return the minimum necessary fire to protect yourselves.

2) Austrian Civilians are to be treated with every bit of deference and respect that we can muster.

3) Should any Legionnaire be attacked it will be viewed as a Law Enforcement matter. Detain the suspect if at all possible, turn the suspect and all evidence over to Austrian authorities.

4) Austrian Civilians are to be protected at the expense of our own lives if the situation demands it. We can't afford to alienate the people who support our Empress.

This document is labeled classified and is for level four distribution only.

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[quote][b]Secure Transmission to Legion High Command[/b]

The Union of the Southern Cross, after reviewing the Oceanic Union Accords, has re-evaluated its statement on the granting of the Legion's Holding in Kimberley, although we know the Legion fought and a number of its men died here, we also recognize that the nation of Selenarctos is jittery about a mercenary base in this region. We would like to purchase the base from you, for a considerable portion of money, that is a negotiable sum, so as to calm these fears that have developed. We feel that a mercenary base in this region could on stir up suspicions of our involvement in possible Legion activities in the area, which could destabilize our relationship with others in this area.

We urge the African Legion that it should move to dismantle its base at Kimberley, and release the land to the Union of the Southern Cross. With these internal problems in Austria as well, as the African Legion has political affinities with the crown there, the release of this base to the USC could take some pressure off the embattled monarchy there.

Best of Regards,


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Private to USC, hand delivered:

It distresses us that internal USC affairs are being determined by the worries of a Third Party Power. However, we are willing to cede the property to the USC in order to preserve local harmony.

At this time though, we wish you to entertain the possibility of a possible solution, which might appease both yourself and the Government of Selectarnos.

Rather than vacating the property the Legion will lease it from the government of the USC on a long term basis under a 99 year lease agreement. It has been the desire of the Legion to allow the local population to return to their homes and for them to live under the rule of law of their own choice.

It is Legion's desire that the rule of law governing the citizens of Kimberly be a USC rule of law. A rule of law that is secured by a local police force that could be funded in full by Legion through a USC cutout to avoid any conflict of interests. As for the Legion Forces, we'll remain on our bases, patrol their security zones, and retain and incredibly low profile in the area as we've been doing so for quite some time.

- Deltrane [/quote]

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[b]Secure Transmission to the African Legion[/b]

[quote]"We are willing to provide the African Legion with a base lease, in said lease, however, we would like to acknowledge that we are not culpable for any operations the Legion undertakes, under the spectrum of 'deniable operations'. No weaponry shall be launched from the Legion base there, i.e. like missiles or strike aircraft, and all weaponry will be stored in sea transit to that base of operations. Security forces will be allowed to carry small arms to protect the base perimeter. If international forces do legitimately find cause to strike that base of operations, the Union of the Southern Cross will not be able to be involved in any defense of that base, so we urge that you exercise extreme caution in your movements in our region.

While the land will be under your management, we will consider it our sovereign territory, but a perimeter shall be maintained between the two locations, and citizens will be allowed to return to any homes in the Kimberley Area, bar your base of operations. We feel this is a fair exchange for this base, and we are willing to pay for the transfer of sovereignty. We thank the Legion for their understanding in this matter, and while we acknowledge your distress, the individuals who did recognize the claim to Legion sovereignty in that area, did not understand the impact of their actions.

Under the Oceanic Union Accords, the holding [i]is[/i] considered a colonial holding, something this government, and those of the OU do frown upon, so we do find cause for their pressure. We see the point they have made, and understand it, which is why we are trying to rework this arrangement so no ill will is to be had."


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[b]Private to USC[/b]

Reasonable Terms, would a 99 year lease be acceptable? Further, returning your citizens to this area would please us greatly. We have little want of occupying their homes. We do ask a joint security office be set up to patrol the entirety of the original zone and that should the government of the USC fall the original area will revert to Legion control.

By joint security we will be dispatching a force of Legion Police Specialists to be trained by your security forces for police work in the area under the command of a USC Officer of suitable rank.

All reports from the offices of this joint security force will be forwarded to the Joint Security Office as well for inspection by both parties. The laws to be enforced, the USC's and all Legion personnel will be subject to both the Legion Military Code of Justice and USC Civil Law.

Though capitol crimes that are punishable by death will be carried out by Legion as we have no tolerance for murderers, pedophiles, rapists, and other filth. We shoot them upon conviction.

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[b]Port Sudan[/b]

"Let me get this straight... You want me to mobilize the entire Armored Reserve, The entire Airborne Regiment, and every single Engineering Battalion I can lay my hands on, and march them to Rebel Army to be picked up by some big Chinese aircraft off some remote desert landing strip?" asks Deltrane.

"More or less, also, don't bother going armed, just personal side arms. We'll either organize a purchase from the UFE government or figure something out by the time you get there," replies Denard.

"What the hell?" Deltrane grumpily asks.

"Oh cheer up, at least you aren't in Australia anymore, I know you hated it down there," Denard quips.

"What sort of logistical train will I be taking?" Deltrane asks in a depressed mutter.

"Our Yellow Brothers in Crime no doubt will provide your every need my dear old friend," Denard replies beatifically.

"I'm boned aren't I?"

"Probably yes."

[b]Troop Movements[/b]

When you move 62,341 men by foot it tends to stir up a bit of a mess of dust. Yet, the men of the Legion knew that when they are ordered to get on the damn planes, they go get on the damn planes. It irks them to do so without their personal weapons, but they've been assured they'll be matched up with their weapons once they arrive to their destination.

To support the column there are several long convoys of trucks shuttling food and water. Normally such a movement of men would be done by vehicle, but Denard decided earlier that a good march in desert conditions with SOG Teams terrorizing them the whole way would get them in better shape for deployment. So with this in mind the men of the Austrian Legion grumble and mumble their way north hoping the SOG teams don't have permission to use live munitions for this refresher training.

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[b]Top Secret[/b]

The men of the Legion Asian Rapid Response Brigade is given orders to immediately disembark. The 10,500 men of the reinforced light infantry brigade board the waiting ships that are pre-deployed just for this purpose.

Special orders fly north to Ehestadt Legion Forces to provide a mobile reserve of replacement troops in the event of battle attrition. Major General Deltrane immediately sends orders to the 1st Air Assault Regiment Infantry Battalions to prepare to dispatch troops when orders arrive. To prepare them stocks of weapons are prepared that will allow them to arrive utilizing the same sort of weapons currently used by the Legion Asian Rapid Response Force.

Further, a request to the UFE Command for a stock of supplies is put in as well. The requisition includes munitions, rations, medical supplies, and replacement weapons. A group of ships is chartered to provide logistical support from a Macau vendor in the form of the Ligurian Coastal Defense Force, which immediately sets sail to an undisclosed rendezvous point.

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The UFE forces would supply the Legion with the following units:
2x Ivan Rogov Class Landing Ship
1x Joint Support Ship
4x Mi-24 'Dragon's Tail' Hind Refits
12x Type 022 Missile Boats
10x Mine Sweepers
24x F/A-18 Silent Hornet 'Legion Variant' (equipped with schiff salt RAM upgrades) ammunition for multiple sorties
2x E-2 Hawkeye AWACs
2x Mid Air Refuelers
12, 000x 6.8 mm assault rifles with ammunition
36x Expeditionary Fighting Vehicles
200x 85 mm Guided Mortars
80x 4-Tube NLOS-LS Launch Systems
55x 105 mm Guided Howitzers
20, 000x First Aid Medical Kits
10x MH-60 Medivac Helicopters

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[b]Top Secret[/b]

Deltrane looks over the forms given to him by Suvallo, his Logistics Officer, and exclaims, "Holy @#$#!!!!" as he examines the figures and items sent by the UFE.

"Orders sir?"

"Yes, notify the 1st Air Assault and tell them we'll be pulling men out early and getting them on the ships. Tell them to send the all three Mobile Battalions and pilots as well. The Rapid Response Brigade is going to end up being the Rapid Response Division by the time we finish integrating all of this,"
Deltrane responds.

In Port Sudan a replacement regiment of Legion Infantry is called up and put underway to secure Fort Maria Theresia during the absence of the Legion Asian Rapid Response Brigade. The Regiment is a reserve unit, but one that has recently finished its annual training rotation.

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[b]Classified, or as much as it can be[/b]

The Legion Asian Rapid Response Brigade and their reinforcements from the 1st Air Assault Regiment are matched up in Ehestadt. The location to be exact is so profoundly difficult to pronounce to the Sudanese Legionnaires that they just go with Vladivostok and hope that they are actually somewhere near the place.

The men and women of this enlarged brigade spend a few very important days stretching their legs and familiarizing themselves wit their new equipment from the UFE. They drill together to prepare for the campaign ahead and to prepare for the coming hardships. Most importantly the 1st Air Assault soldiers are distributed to their new parent units within the Legion Asian Rapid Response Brigade as technicians to man the new UFE equipment that came into their hands giving the 1st Air Assault men more time to become familiar with it.

The Rapid Response Brigade's new ToE is as follows:

5th Regiment- Infantry 3200 men
6th Regiment- Infantry 3200 men
501st Legion Airborne Task Force 1200 men
1st Air Assault Infantry Task Force 1200 Men
Special Services and Support Task Force 3200 Men
4th Special Operations Group- 83 men

The Special Services and Support Task Force is much expanded due to the UFE Artillery and other equipment. The men to man such equipment, as stated before, are drawn from the technical branches of the 1st Air Assault Regiment. The mortars and artillery come from the Air Assault Infantry while the helicopters and ground crews come from the Air Assault Special Services Battalion.

Pilots from the 333rd Air Strike Wing are matched up with the new F-18 Superhornets. They examine the planes with bated breathes as they run their hands over them in awe. They carefully study the manuals provided for the planes as they examine them. They are all extremely experienced pilots, which will make the transition to the new aircraft a particularly quick and smooth one.

Out at sea the ships of the Ligurian Coastal Defense Force busy themselves with practicing their anti-submarine skills. The entire effort has all the hallmarks of what is going to be a heavily contested over the beach operation in the Asian area, most likely the Korean peninsula.

(ooc: just letting you know Kankou, I'll be along shortly)

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[quote]13:23 Denard , "Hello, might I speak with your head of state?"
13:24 Khine "This is him - who am I speaking with?"
13:25 Denard "I'm Robert Denard, Bob to those who know me, I represent Legion. I just wanted to call and welcome your government to Africa."
13:27 Khine "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Bob, if I may call you that. My name is Khine - the current Emperor of Wagadou, or Ghana, more informally; Thank you for the welcome"
13:27 Denard "And how is your nation doing in its infancy?"
13:28 Khine "Things have been a tad chaotic. The absence of government in the area has affected the region, but we are on track to bring things back to 100% efficiency."
13:29 Denard "How do you plan on relating to your neighbors in Africa?"
13:31 Khine "Like we responded to Ireland, our current plan, as of now, is to simply get to know our neighbors, especially our closest neighbors, the PRA and CWA. After that, we'll spread our relations to the rest of Africa."
13:34 Denard "Well, Legion always has been very direct about our desire to see ethnic groups take control of their own governmental functions. It is why we are so excited to see your nation bring itself under control without some sort of outside presence. In that past Legion was very anti-imperialism, though now we see it as a means of projecting competent governance on..
13:34 Denard those who can not provide for themselves when done properly."
13:36 Khine "Indeed; it is unfortunate when a nation with potential is propped up by the former 'protector' of the region. Likewise, it pains me when the nation becomes a lapdog for the nation that it broke away from. If they cannot properly govern their people, then someone else should."
13:39 Denard "Yes, well, I also call you with a proposal that might benefit both of our nations. You may or may not know that Legion is mostly centered in the Red Sea. We would greatly enjoy a base that gives us proper access to the Atlantic for commercial purposes. We also believe that this base would allow our armed forces to cross train with each other..
13:39 Denard and come to know each other. This would allow us both the chance to become familiar with each other before rushing headlong into a formal treaty."
13:42 Khine "Hmm....would the area be joint-controlled? Our armed forces are not fully operational yet - the training with a foreign army would do them well, and help get them up to speed. Also, this base would be used as a military and commercial center?"
13:43 Denard "Of course, joint controlled. Our forces in the area would be for training and security of our properties. So it wouldn't be a large presence, just enough to get both jobs done."
13:43 Denard "And yes, commercial and military."
13:48 Khine "If Legion can supply the capital, we will supply the workers to renovate the area and upgrade its commercial capacity. We will invest in the military portion, as well, although I must admit that we might need specialists and advisers from Legion to ensure things are up to snuff. How large of an area?"
13:49 Denard "Well, I've taken the liberty of drawing up a map. See the shaded area.."
13:50 Denard "Also we'll provide an Engineering Battalion, Rifle Battalion, and one of our six Special Operations Groups. I'm also thinking funding can come in the form of grants rather than loans. Good friends should not owe each other money."
13:54 Khine "That would be acceptable. The battalions will augment our trainers nicely. Thank you - and, yes, I agree. It's nice to have some friends in Africa. One more thing though...what about the commercial area? What about any revenue, or profits, gained from the area? Will it be split, 50/50, or do you have something else in mind?"
13:56 Denard "Hmmm... I think the best thing would be to use Legion's rather liberal licensing laws to form a publicly held company that has ownership split between the two of us evenly. This ensures an equitable division of profits. We also have a concern, should your government or my government fall into ruin, this leaves the area vulnerable. Any suggestions for this?"
13:59 Khine "A joint-held company sounds good. How about Ghanaian Legion? If by some travesty my, or future, government collapses, the land can simply revert to full control of Legion. The least that I could offer to a trusted ally."
14:01 Denard "And should my government collapse the entire company and our presence in the specific area shall come under your control. And I was thinking something like The Honorable West African Company. The name has something of a historical Irony for Legion."
14:02 Khine "That would be excellent. Why does it have irony for Legion?"
14:03 Denard "It involves a scam set up by a former Legionnaire to defraud land speculators. The entire investment scheme blew up in his face and we've never seen him since."
14:04 Khine chuckles
14:04 Khine "Yeah, the name will do fine."
14:05 Denard "We thank you. Further, in the spirit of cooperation I do believe it might be in your interest to upgrade your military equipment. We've been getting some excellent equipment from the UFE. Would you be interested in contacting them to open up talks?"
14:07 Khine "The UFE is a ways away...do you think they would be able to offer any specials? At the moment, we might not be able to pay for more advanced equipment. No doubt though, talks with them can only benefit Ghana."
14:08 Denard "I'm not entirely sure what they can offer in terms of specials, but I do know they have plenty of gear to spare. For now let us formalize our partnership. I've already notified my Minister of Commerce and he's signed the articles of incorporation for the company. Whose name shall I use for your nation?"
14:09 Khine "My own name will suffice - Emperor Khine."
14:11 Denard "The articles read something along the lines of forming a company for the joint development of such and such area. Party A being Emperor Kline and Party Be being Legion. Legion agrees to jointly fund development and to provide such and such in the form of manpower and security forces while Emperor Kline will provide labor and so forth."
14:11 Denard "Am I missing anything?"

14:12 Khine "Not at all. It looks and sounds great."
14:13 Denard "Let us part ways with the plans to meet again as friends then."

14:14 Khine "I'll definitely look forward to it, Bob."[/quote]

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Due to the increased tempo of operations and the expansion of the Legion, it is proving difficult to keep things well organized. Rather than retain the traditional numerical unit identifiers the Legion will move to a modular system assigned battalion sized forces.

A specific example is the new West African Development Brigade. Rather than staff it with numbered units the men are clustered into their specific commands under the auspices of the parent unit.

West African Development Brigade

1 Infantry Battalion
1 Mechanized Armored Battalion plus Armored Company
1 Special Operations Group
1 Air Transport Wing
1 Engineering Battalion
1 Services and Support Battalion
1 Special Duty Team

Specific units are identified by a temporary local number and unit designation system.

West African Brigade 1st Infantry Battalion 1st Company can turn into the 3rd Regimental Combat Team 3rd Company in a moment's notice with a regional transfer.

The exceptions to this rule are the Austrian Imperial Guard. This specific unit consists of the longest serving units of the Legion. Until such a time passes that other units can attain this status they'll simply have to make do with the new modular battalion system.

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With the reduction of the Korean threat to Ehestadt it is decided to rotate home a significant portion of Legion's troops. The first to depart are the 3 Airmobile Regiments and are swiftly followed by the Mechanized Infantry Regiments.

Rather than ship home the heavier equipment, the Legion puts the equipment into storage on their bases. It is carefully prepared for storage and carefully packed away. The bases and logistical depots are left in the event that either UFE or Austrian National forces might wish to occupy them as well as being left for Legion forces to resume occupation. To ensure this equipment and these facilities are left in good working order a Special Detachment is organized.

Special Detachment Ehestadt is formed for the sole purpose of leaving in place a dedicated force of Legion specialists to keep the Legion's vehicles and equipment well maintained in the depots. Further Special Detachment Ehestadt will keep the bases and other facilities properly secured and kept in working order.

Special Detachment #5 consists of 2700 men and women and another 750 Port of Sudan Import and Export Security Contractors.

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[b]Port Sudan[/b]

The increased operational tempo for Legion Forces in Austria, Asia, and other parts of the world has created a need for a more mobile force. To address this need a Rapid Response Corp is being created. This division will be based outside of Port Sudan, it will be primarily Mechanized Infantry and Air Assault.

Modular Regimental Combat Teams are the order of the day. Small self contained units that can deploy to other parts of the world at a moment's notice. Equipment might be a sticky wicket, but given the reserves of equipment at Ehestadt, Fort Maria Theresia, and Fort Bogart it seems that most geographical contingencies are covered for the time being.

Sea transport for shipping the four mechanized infantry regiments is being preloaded with their munitions, food, medical supplies, and vehicles for one mechanized infantry regiment and one air assault regiment. The expense of floating much more than that is considered prohibitively expensive at this time.

Total time needed to stand up this force, four months.

ooc: bought a bunch of infra :ehm:

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Operation Rotating the Merchandise: Classified

Legion Forces depend upon a great deal of equipment that is stored in place in various locations.

Depots that currently exist:

Fort Maria Theresia-

1 Armored Regiment
1 Artillery Battery


4 Mechanized Infantry Regiments
2 Air Assault Regiments

Port Sudan-

5 Armored Regiments
5 Mechanized Regiments
5 Regiments of Transport
Planes for 6 Air Strike Wing
5 Artillery Regiments
2 Divisions of Regular Infantry

In development:

Fort Bogart-
2 Air Assault Regiments
1 Armored Brigade

Port Sudan-

1 Mechanized Regiment
1 Air Assault Regiment

Fort Maria Theresia-
1 Armored Regiment
2 Mechanized Regiments

Current equipment is a mix mash of older Legion Equipment and newer UFE issue. A complete reorganization of Legion stockpiles will be done to assure a commonality of all equipment in use by Legion forces. Old equipment will be refurbished and donated to friendly nations for reissue.

A general pool of equipment will be formed as well. Equipment not specifically assigned to any one stockpile. This equipment will periodically be rotated out and exchanged with stockpiled gear in ordered to ensure that the depots are filled with properly working equipment that is up to date.

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All Legion Forces will be on a 48 hour high alert. Local defense drills are to be conducted. The average ranks and file will be informed that it is only a drill once the 48 hour period is complete.

Multiple threat vectors are to be assumed. Routes of egress must be examined as well.

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Legion readiness drills have been conducted. (Not sure how long 48 hours are on forum time, but whatever) The results look quite promising in some cases, yet disappointing in others. A roving Legion Team under General Deltrane is established with rectifying these short comings. Deltrane is given extensive powers to replace officers and NCOs as needed to sort out the problems.

UFE equipment is now in place in Legion Depots. The field forces have been re-equiped and the newly issued modern equipment brings Legion into a state where every Legionnaire is using the exact same equipment the rest of the Legion is using. Older model equipment is returned to Port Sudan for overhaul and to be placed in storage. This equipment will be issued out to allied nations in the future on an as needed basis.

No telling who could use some vehicles for target practice of other operations.

Training on the new equipment begins as soon as it is issued. All Legion forces are given 30 days to complete their training periods before commencing field maneuvers.

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The fighting in Austria has prompted the Legion Council to make the following recommendations.

1st: All Legion Officers and NCOs must be fluent in Austrian.
2nd: Sufficient reserves of manpower from the Austrian population must be available for future conflicts given the transit distances involved. Permission to recruit locally for a local Legion Corp in Austria must be made a priority.
3rd: A Legion member should be intergrated into the higher levels of Austrian government as a member of that government. Doing so will require the Legionnaire to sever their relationship with the Legion, but it'll give us representation at the higher levels of Austrian politics.
4th: Legion must become more involved with the Austrian Army Logistical services. Involvement must start at the national level and run down right to the company level.
5th: A Legion holding is required in Europe. We can't expect our lines of supply and reinforcement to be held by a service independent of us.
6th: Legion Officers will begin attending Austrian Military Courses to better learn Austrian Military tactics and strategy.

Current losses to date in the fighting against Germany:

19,449 dead
11,358 wounded, missing, or captured

This current rate of attrition is only sustainable for another 60 days of high intensity combat. Alternatives to the style of fighting around Salzburg must be found or the Legion will be bled completely dry. Our commitments in other parts of the world will be put at risk if nothing can be done.

The current Legion Corp in Austria will be reinforced by 2 more Divisions and replacements will be made available to current Legion units in Austria by stripping units in other parts of the world and replacing those men with older reservist from the General Reserve pool.

Current Legion Forces in Austria
1st Division 13,430 men
2nd Division 16,500 men
3rd Division 16,430 men

The 4th Division is a polygot unit acting as an administrative field measure to keep the units assigned to the 4th well supplied and properly equipped. The units assigned to the 4th Division include:

50 Mobile Security Teams:
44 men each- 8 Willy's Jeeps, 2 Bedford Heavy Trucks

These teams are assigned to securing the Main Line of Supply to the Legion Forces in Salzburg. They patrol, scout, and locate enemy forces. Once enemy forces are located they'll use their machine guns to pin them in place while other forces are brought forward to finish them off.

10 Infantry Companies
100 Men each- 8 Bedford Heavy Trucks, 4 Universal Carriers, 2 Madgelenas

2 Legion Services and Support Brigades

Assorted Austrian Militia Units put into the Austrian Light Infantry Brigade, numbers of this unit vary from day to day depending upon losses.

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Legion Forces will be stood down in Austria and returned to Legion territory on a unit basis. The first unit to be returned to Port Sudan will be the 1st Division followed by the 2nd,3rd, 4th, and finally the 5th. The 6th Division will remain in Austria as our Legion Force committed to securing Austrian Sovereignty.

Legion Forces will be at best at 50 percent capacity for the next six months. Losses were too great in the Officer and Non-commissioned officer pools. Drafts of replacements will need time to be properly trained. Further, losses amongst experienced Legionnaire lower ranks was terrible enough that we are considering a possible reduction in force to rebuild around our reduced manpower.

Lost equipment will have to be made up as well.

For the time being all activated reserve and inactive reserve members will remain on full time status until otherwise notified. We hope to begin returning them to their civilian lives as soon as replacements can be found. Our usual sources in Sudan are recruiting several thousand young men and women for basic induction training.

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Operation Restore

The losses suffered by the Legion leaves us in a tight place as far as fulfilling international commitments. Recruits have already begun training, some 35,000 of them. Another 15,000 men are returned to duty after being discharged by their treatment centers. Another 5000 are due to return to duty in the upcoming months.

The staffing levels of the Legion's Training Schools are expanded by 50 and in some cases 75 percent. Alumni trainers are recalled to active duty for the duration of this operation. A special enlistment program is set up as well titled the Legion 3 for 1 program.

Become trained with a B level and higher in 2 Legion MOS classifications and the Legion will pay a correspondence course designed at allowing enlisted Legionnaires to attain a proper college degree. Further, standard enlistments for this program are 10 to 15 years depending on the type of MOSs being selected.

A typical 3 for 1 member will take the following course:

16 weeks of Legion Basic Induction Training
12 to 20 weeks of Legion Specialization Training
1 year of active duty
12 to 20 weeks of a 2nd MOS training
1 year of active duty
3 years of Legion supported correspondence courses.

Another 40,000 recruits will be processed by Legion training centers as soon as the initial press of recruits are handled. Legion Force structures will be changing as well with the creation of the following units:

Austrian Legion Division- Austria
Port Sudan Armored Division- Port Sudan
Port Sudan Mechanized Infantry Division- Port Sudan
Port Sudan Mechanized Infantry Division- Port Sudan
4 Engineering Regiments- Port Sudan (TAD Austria)
West African Armored Division- West Africa
Legion Heavy Division 1.75 Divisions- Austria

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