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Ordo Teutonicus

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[size="5"]Ordo Teutonicus[/size][/center]

I come on behalf of Ordo Teutonicus to announce our existence in Planet Bob. We will be a small, closely knit, black team alliance. Our government is a Triumvirate consisting of Triumvirate of War, Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs, and Triumvirate of Internal Affairs. Following the Triumvirate comes Marshal positions. A marshal serves as the "co-leader", along side the triumvir, to their designated position.


[quote][center][b]Ordo Teutonicus' Charter[/b][/center]


Under this charter the Ordo Teutonicus becomes united as one. Letting us grow and setting forth rules for the alliance.


The Triumvirate shall consist of 3 members and have total control over the alliance. They shall work together to come to an agreement on any decision made. The Triumvir assumes this position until he or she retires, and shall appoint a successor. The Triumvirate has the power to create any additional position if he or she sees it in the Alliance's best interest. The Triumvirate have the power to veto any decision brought forth by the other Marshals by a vote of 2 to 1.

[u][b]Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs[/b][/u]

This triumvir has the responsibility to head and maintain the foreign affair department of the alliance. They can appoint diplomats to alliances of their choice. They must maintain embassies on the forums and mask diplomats accordingly. Their deputy is the Marshal of Foreign Affairs.

[u][b]Triumvirate of War[/b][/u]

This triumvirate has the responsibility to head and maintain the war/defense department of the alliance. They are responsible for maintaining all military readiness checks during peace and war times. They conduct and organize all military operations alongside the triumvir. They must take it upon themselves to educate the membership of how to properly conduct attacks on a nation. This marshal has the power to grant tech raids.

[u][b]Triumvirate of Internal Affairs[/b][/u]

This triumvir heads the internal affairs department, finance and education. The Marshals of Finance and Education are his deputies. This triumvir is responsible to maintain a current member list, work with his deputies, and give punishments to members who violate rules.


The Triumvirate personally select the best fit member for each marshal position. The positions consist of Marshal of War, Marshal of Foreign Affairs, Marshal of Education, and the Marshal of Finance. The members holding their current position have total control over this position. The members holding these positions can only have one position at any time. These marshals can retire at anytime and they can appoint one successor as their deputy. If needed the Triumvirate can kick any member from the marshal position if it is in the alliance's best interest.

[b][u]Marshal of War[/u][/b]

This marshal serves as a deputy to the Triumvir of War. They are responsible for maintaining all military readiness checks during peace and war times. They conduct and organize all military operations alongside the triumvir. They must take it upon themselves to educate the membership of how to properly conduct attacks on a nation. This marshal has the power to grant tech raids.

[b][u]Marshal of Finance[/u][/b]

This marshal is responsible for maintaining the financial state of the alliance. This includes organizing trade circles, organizing financial aid, and organizing tech deals. They are headed by the Triumvirate of Internal Affairs.

[b][u]Marshal of Foreign Affairs[/u][/b]

This marshal position has the responsibility for maintaining diplomacy to all current and future allies. They are a deputy to the Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs. They can appoint diplomats to certain alliances of choice. This marshal also has the responsibility to maintain any forum embassies on our forum. The Marshal of Foreign Affairs has the power to put any treaty up for discussion and approval by the government.

[b][u]Membership - Joining[/u][/b]

Any nation has the right to apply to the Ordo Teutonicus, they then will enter a 5 day period for the government and membership to ask questions. If the member receives a vouch from a respected member of the alliance the questioning can be reduced to one day. After the 5 days are over and all the questions have been asked, the applicant will either enter the academy or gain "Squire" status in the alliance. The only way to gain "Knight" status is by government vote or through the academy. Any applicants must not be on any Zero Infrastructure Lists (ZI lists) and must not be an enemy of the alliance.


Amendments to the charter can be submitted by any member in the membership including Triumvirs, Marshals, Squires, and Knights. For the Amendment to pass the following must happen:

-2 to 1 vote of approval in the triumvirate
-3 votes of approval in the Marshal Office
-60% approval by the membership[/quote]

Government is as follows:

Triumvir of Foreign Affairs: Redzest
Triumvir of War: xR1 Fatal Instinct
Triumvir of Internal Affairs: Otto
Our forum: http://ordo-teutonicus.com/forums/
Our IRC (on coldfront): #OT


[center][size="5"]Polar Knights Protectorate Agreement[/size][/center]

Article I: The Basics

Due to the bond that exists between the signatories, member nations of each signatory will show respect and good will towards each other. While this will prohibit outright verbal hostility in all its forms in public forums, it will not restrict healthy debate or productive disagreement.

Should this article ever be infringed upon, it is the duty of the respective alliance leaders to alert the other alliance.

Article II: Espionage

Both signatories share an abhorrence for the practice of spying in all its forms. As such, they pledge not to conduct or aid any espionage against one another, and to immediately inform the other signatory if any plot be discovered.

In addition to this, the protectorate pledges to report any and all discovered incidents of spying against anyone or organization to the New Polar Order.

Article III: Aid

Should either signatory come into a need for aid in the form of currency, technology, or soldiers, it is strongly encouraged for the other signatory to provide what help it can, though both parties accept that this is in no way an obligation.

Article IV: Intelligence

If either signatory comes into knowledge of political or military significance to the other through a means not outlined in Article II it is their obligation to share it with the other signatory.

Article V: Conflict

The New Polar Order fully commits itself to the defense of its protectorate through direct military action as well as, though not limited to, financial and political means. Should the New Polar Order come under attack, it is strongly encouraged that the protectorate comes to their defense, though it is understood by both signatories that this is not an obligation.

Should either signatory find itself in the need for waging an aggressive war, let it come to no ones surprise if the other signatory, who is not in any means under an obligation, chooses to support them through military, political or financial means.

Article VI: Advisor

In an effort to help improve the stability and security of the Protectorate, the Emperor of the New Polar Order is well within his rights to appoint a member of the Polar Body Republic to act as an Advisor to them. While the Advisor will have unfettered access within the protectorate, and a veto power over any treaty or merger offers, it's primary goal is to serve as a general counsel to the leadership of the protectorate.

Article VII: Technology

In an effort to foster mutual economic growth the Protectorate agrees to focus all external technology sales to the New Polar Order. In return, the New Polar Order will offer assistance and advice to maximize economic growth.

Article VIII: The End

It is the hope of both signatories that this pact may someday be ended by mutual agreement that the protectorate is able to stand on its own without further Polar support. But, given the uncertainties of the future, it is recognized that should any of the above Articles be violated, or should some major irreparable disagreement that diplomacy cannot solve arise, that this pact maybe canceled after 5 days notice.

Signed for the New Polar Order,

His Imperial Excellency RandomInterrupt of Amber, Eternally At Fault. Diplomatic Shark, Mr. Sith Lord Bear, Caliph of the New Desolate Order, Minister of Sexual Healings, The Baconator, Theodore Roosevelt, In GE's Quit Message, Comrade of the Glorious People's Glorious Revolution, Scourge of the OWF, Genesis Minister of Awesome, favored son of Walford, Savior of the Disillusioned, God-Emperor of Mumbai, Destroyer of the Betrayers, and Clint Eastwood's inspiration. Also, Wisconsin.
Dajobo, Imperial Regent
Quantum Leap, Minister of Love
Hullean, Minister of Plenty
Mergerberger, Minister of Truth, Sir Phobos, Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass
elborrador, Deputy Minister of Love
Carfre Inpor, Deputy Minister of Truth
MiSS NEMESiS, Foreign Affairs Officer

Signed for Ordo Teutonicus,

Redzest - Triumvirate of Foreign Affairs
xR1 Fatal Instinct - Triumvirate of War
Otto I - Triumvirate of Internal Affairs[/quote]

Edited by xR1 Fatal Instinct
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