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UFE-Burmese Relations


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Qingyuan, the capital of the United Federation of the East was often overshadowed by Beijing, the capital of the Federation's largest member state due to China's masisve population and economic power. But today was an example of why the Southern city had been chosen as the capital. The UFE had long made it a policy to place a heavy emphasis on South East Asia as a centerpiece of its economic foreign policy which saw the region as both lush in natural resources and export markets.

The Burmese Emperor would be arriving at the August Imperator's palace shortly. Jia had spent relatively little time on the grounds of what had become the 'New Forbidden City'. In fact the residence was much larger than his apartments at Zhongnanhai. He still was lost in the much newer building. An aide escorted him into the conference room where he was due to meet with the leaders of Burma.

OOC: Feel free to arrive without asking for any permission.

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Emperor Theippan arrived in Qingyuan after a 3 hour flight straight from Mandalay, capital of the Burmese Kingdom. As they touched down onto a UFE runway he was quickly impressed by the splendor of the capital, noting to an aide that this was the way a "proper government seat" should be seen as in comparison to the wide-spread construction taking place in Mandalay. Stepping down from the aircraft he was greeted by UFE officials who escorted him and his entourage into a limousine which promptly began it's drive towards the Imperator's palace. Once arrived, the UFE escort guided him towards the conference room where he and his aids took their places at the conference table where discussions would begin.

Emperor Theippan remarked bluntly "Remember not to speak out of line, we should not appear uncouth or undisciplined in our first encounter with Imperator Jia." to his entourage of aids. The entourage simply nodded in response and pulled out their various reports, charts, graphs, and began mulling through them in anticipation of the August Imperator's entrance.

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Coming around the corner an aide instructed him that the conference room would be ahead of him shortly. "Ah Emperor Theippan." Jia said entering into the room. "Welcome to the United Federation of the East, I hope that your visit here has been favorable thus far."

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"It has been pleasurable, thus far Imperator Jia." Remarked Theippan upon greeting Imperator Jia. "I must thank you for this audience, and the general reception as well." Theippan then took a sip of water from a drinking glass that had been sitting on the table and then inquired to Jia. "Now, I am curious as to what it is you'd like to discuss?"

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Jia nodded and motioned for the Emperor to take a seat.

"The Federation and Burma have enjoyed an historically close relationship. The previous Burmese Government was a strong ally of the Federation and we hope for this arrangement to continue. I've been informed by the Ministries of Defense and Commerce that our SOEs have recently completed a very large arms deal with your country. I think this is a good first step in cooperation, but I would like to take it a step further by increasing cooperation on multiple levels.

Specifically I would like to discuss negotiating a comprehensive treaty which would include reopening the UFE managed container port in Rangoon and its trade rail lines to South Eastern China. Of course while our corporations manage this port, Burma as the sovereign power would collect tax revenue on it. We are mainly interested in maintaining a duty free zone for goods in transit, while the port corporation would pay a tax to the burmese government on its annual profits at whatever the local corporate tax rate is.

Additionally we would like to propose furthering the ties of diplomatic and military cooperation by the signing of a strategic alliance and offering military trainers to Burma. As part of this, Burma would be moved up a category in the level of sensitive technology we allow exported from the UFE."

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Theippan took a seat and listened keenly to Jia's statement. Once Jia finished speaking, Theippan responded. "Yes, Burma and the Federation have had amiable relations historically and I would love for them to continue. Indeed, I'd be more then receptive to reopening the UFE container port in Rangoon along with the trade-rail line to South-Eastern China. It would be in bad taste to refuse to after our recent arms deal. Currently the corporate tax rate on Rangoon is set at 20%, this rate will not increase but may be subject to lowering depending on economic conditions present or predicted. I must also note that 20% is the maximum corporate tax rate in Burma, we do not allow any higher rates as it may discourage business in Burma.

As per the signing of a strategic alliance...I would entirely support such a measure. Given the relative youth of my government and the proximity of our countries it would be a natural fit for the continued stability of South-Eastern Asia. Our army is still very much reliant on older equipment and relatively fresh in experience so Federation trainers and equipment would be something I cannot object too. I assume you have a treaty draft prepared?"

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"That sounds good." Jia said in response to the first part. "I will inform our corporations to comply with and pay taxes in your nation in spirit of full cooperation."

"In regards to the second point, I do.

[quote][center][b]UFE-Burmese Strategic Alliance[/b][/center]

[b][u]Article I.[/u][/b] Cooperation

[b]A.[/b] The United Federation of the East and the Kingdom of Burma agree to cooperate on matters of economic, military, and political affairs.
[b]B.[/b] Neither power shall take hostile action against another, and will consult with the other when taking action which may be reasonably construed as effecting or potentially harming the national interests of the other power.

[b][u]Article II.[/u][/b] Security Cooperation

[b]A.[/b] Both powers shall engage in a cooperative defense arrangement for the safety and sovereignty of each other.
[b]B.[/b] In times of defensive war both powers shall support one another through full military, political, and economic means.
[b]C.[/b] Both powers are greatly encouraged to support each other in all forms of conflict.
[b]D.[/b] Both powers shall engage in joint training exercises and seek compatibility of forces.
[b]E.[/b] Both parties shall not in anyway reverse engineer or export technology provided by or developed with the assistance of the other party without the expressed consent of both parties.
[b]F.[/b] Both parties shall cooperate on intelligence sharing and gathering, with special but not exclusive emphasis placed on signals intelligence and satellite intelligence.
[b]G.[/b] Both parties shall cooperate on matters of sea, aerial, and space defense and reconnaissance.
[b]H.[/b] Neither party may make an agreement with a third party which overrides this agreement, and this agreement is considered equal in force and validity to the highest treaties either party holds.

[b][u]Article III.[/u][/b] Functions of Revisions and Cancellations
[b]A.[/b] This treaty may be cancelled by either party after one years time (one month OOC)
[b]B.[/b] This treaty may be revised by the consent of both parties, or be expanded by the consent of both parties with the changes going into effect immediately.
[b]C.[/b] These treaty shall be entered into the permanent public diplomatic records of both countries in Mandarin Chinese and Burmese with both versions being equally valid.


[b]For the United Federation of the East[/b]:

August Imperator Jia

[b]For the Kingdom of Burma[/b]:

Emperor Theippan I of Mandalay


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Emperor Theippan read the treaty briefly, then paused and remarked to an aide. "My pen please." Then signed his name onto the document giving his full authority on it on the behalf of the Kingdom of Burma.

[font="'Palatino Linotype"]Emperor Theippan I of Mandalay[/font]
[font="'Palatino Linotype"]
[font="Arial"]"I look forward to furthering our countries relations, cooperation, and standing in the world hand in hand Imperator Jia."[/font]

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"As do I." Jia said rising to shake the Emperor's hand. "May our people's cooperation be the envy of all of Asia." he smiled.

"I will instruct the general staff to immediately begin the training of your soldiers. I can also report confidentially, that my advisers have told me the E-bloc a new blocs on our gen 5 Fighter you ordered can begin being transferred on the final third of your fighter orders without delay in delivery. You'll be one of the first nations to get the new model. And of course we'll ship conversion kits as they become available on the rest, the production line is not fully up."

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