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[b]Chongqing, China[/b]

Chairman and CEO Lao Yi of Chongqing Heavy Industries took the podium at a press conference.

Today, Chongqing Heavy Industries Aeronautics Division is pleased to announce that we have acquired a controlling stake in one of the World's most fabled and important aeronautics firms: The Boeing Company. This meshing of two globally recognized brands offers a major step forward in our two companies future. We intend to invest significant amounts of money enforcing Boeing's global brand name, legacy, and reestablishing its presence in the global aircraft market. This will begin with the construction of new aeronautical factories in Cascadia. Further the F-23 lines in China shall now be merged under Boeing East and be retooled towards export focused Market. Boeing North America will focus on commercial aviation, as well as advanced but price affordable combat aircraft.[/quote]

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On the civilian market Boeing offers both commercial passenger airliners such as new versions of the 747 and 787 taking advantage of changes in engine fuel efficiency. We also expect to be introducing within the year a super sonic super cruise passenger plane capable of flight between Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai and Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Additionally the civilian version of the Boeing Pelican ULTRA will be available for purchase as part of our new entry into redefining global freight. This craft will be capable of traveling over oceans at speed in excess of 200 miles per hour while offering 11, 000 nmi range and 2.8 million lbs of carrying capacity. The craft will also be able to fly over land at 20, 000 feet with 6500 nmi range.

On the military side, Boeing will be offering new lines of F-23 fighters which will be announced shortly and will be defined as 5++ generation fighters. It will also offer significant upgrades to the venerable F-18 and F-15 platforms both as original purchase and conversion kits for nations without the capability of fully maintaining fifth generation aircraft.

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