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Destructor Fleets DoE


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Well the round may have started almost a week ago, but we're still here and sort of managing.

We Declare that we Exist, I guess.


There's been a little shake-up at the top for DF this round with Gonftw stepping into an Advisory role (aka: plotting world-domination... did I say that out loud?) and myself volunteering to try and fill the rather large shoes (size 20 US).

Here's the Leadership breakdown for Round 17:

Commander: Nishiyoshi
Her Royal Highness: Dementor (aka Anysound)
Trusted Advisor: Gonftw

If for whatever reason you want to join this rag-tag team for fun this round, feel free to drop by our forums and sign up... just don't forget your towel! :)

[url="http://mostlyharmlessalliance.com/viewtopic.php?f=881&t=17630"]Destructor Fleets[/url]

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