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[i]Hourglass International Headquarters, Antananarivo, ARC. April 26, 2011[/i]

In the main offices of HI, specifically the press conference room, was gathered a multitude of reporters and non-media observers. The door to the room was attended by a burly man in a suit and tie, who greeted the visitors and collected their invitations.

At the front of the room was a single podium on an elevated stage. Once all the visitors were settled in their seats and cameras and sound equipment put up, two men walked on stage. One of them approached the podium, while the other stood slightly to the side.

The speaker wore a dark grey suit with black tie and red shirt underneath. He was Mozambican, and along with his natural skin color, had quite the suntan. Despite his age, which looked to be in the forties, he was fit and carried himself with an air of confidence.

"Hello," he spoke, which elicited a bit of feedback from the microphone, which was promptly adjusted. "I welcome you all to this special event. My name is Joaquim Francisco da Silva. As of yesterday, I am chairman and CEO of Hourglass International, a private military company which will begin operations in Arctica and aims to offer its services worlwide.

I have over twenty years of experience in the militaries of the various states that have, over the years, governed Mozambique. Since late 2009, I have been commander of the garrison in the city of Tete, and have held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel with the Arctica-Transvaal Defense Force, in accordance with my position. I have also worked closely with the jungle training camps created by the first Arctican co-governor, John Hull.

Since the unification of the former joint territory with Arctica, I tendered my resignation from the ATDF because I feel that my knowledge and experience can be utilized better elsewhere. And so I have founded Hourglass. Now, here is our COO, Marthinus de Witt, who will describe how we are organized and how we work." He lifted his arm, palm up, and gestured at the white man next to him, before stepping aside.

De Witt appeared to be around the same age as Da Silva, and had a similar build, but judging by his color and name, he was Afrikaner. When he spoke, a slight accent confirmed this.

"Good afternoon. I am Marthinus de Witt, and I am the chief operating officer at Hourglass. At this point, we have 11,000 employees, 3,000 of which are described as operators. Our operators are veterans of several wars, most of them from the Arctican Civil War, the several conflicts Transvaal has faced through its history, and of course, the latest conflict between Arctica and the National Front of Transvaal. A few of our older operators have fought in historical wars such as the long series of Nordlandic conquests. In short, we only accept operators with previous military experience, to ensure their quality and ability.

Now, as to how we are organized. We have 20 light infantry companies, called groups, of 120 operators each. These are our standard units, and can be divided by half for contracts. This is called a half-group, and is the smallest autonomous light infantry unit available for contract. Our light infantry are trained in VIP protection; training military or police units in small-unit tactics and weapon use; and close-quarters and urban combat, along with a limited range of special operations, including extraction, high-value target neutralization, and reconnaissance and neutralization of guerrilla camps.

We also have an AH-1 Cobra and six UH-1 Hueys, which are serviced and operated by our air cavalry group. There are four additional groups, servicing and operating 15 BMP-2 vehicles each, for infantry transport and limited armored support.

Inquire for prices. Payment for contracts is accepted in Arctican dollars, Cochin rupees, gold bullion, or stocks & bonds. At least 51% of payment must be in cash." He stepped aside, and Da Silva took his place once more.

"Thank you for being here for the unveiling of Hourglass International. Contract offers by serious parties can be submitted at any time, and will be reviewed during regular business hours. To learn more about the company, visit our website at hourglassintl.ac.

Additionally, if any foreign states wish for Hourglass to open a branch in their country, they are welcome to do so. Inquire at our main offices here in Antananarivo, or our field offices in Oceana, Lusaka, and Maputo."

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