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In A Frozen Land


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OOC: Closed.

[quote][b]Encrypted Transmission to the 2nd Task Force:[/b]

Per Security Council Resolution,
At the request of Security Division Intelligence and Analysis,

Computer specialists and an Advanced Boarding Party from the 6th Mechanized are en route to your location via helicopter. Once the ABP and specialist teams have reached your location, the 2nd Task Force shall proceed with maximum stealth to the following coordinates:

076° 55' 00.00" S
170° 52' 00.00" E

The ABP has already been briefed on their mission. Your job is to hold position at these coordinates and provide any support necessary to the ABP to ensure they successfully complete their mission.

This operation is [size="1"]CLASSIFIED[/size], and all information pertaining to it shall be treated as such.

Authorization codes are attached.

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Lieutenant Kemal Mayogna of the 6th Mechanized Division, 1st Mechanized Regiment, 1st Mechanized Infantry Company starred out the door window of the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter as it lifted off the deck of the SS Jacinto. In the middle of summer it was light even at 0300, the time the 2nd Task Force had arrived at the designated coordinates and Lieutenant Mayogna's Advanced Boarding Team had been given the go-ahead to move into Ross Island.

"Chopper One airborne and proceeding inland," Mayogna's pilot radioed.

"Chopper Two airborne and following." As the SS Jacinto fell away below them, Mayogna saw the second Black Hawk taking off from another Duwende-class frigate, the SS Alcasid. Then they were off, flying over ice sheets as a part of the first, though heavily classified, expedition into Antarctica by the Selenarctos military.

"€/&$ing cold," Private Flores swore. Selenarctos had a tropical climate. Australia, where they'd just come from was mostly desert and even hotter. Antarctica was a desert too: the coldest in the world. they'd been issued special combat armor for the mission: white snow-pattern camouflage with an integrated heater, the kind seen only in inventory lists and never actually used by Ground Force personnel. Their pulse rifles also had a heater unit tacked onto the side right behind the LED ammo counter, just in case.

"Chopper One here, we're approaching the coast now. You sure about the location Lieutenant?"

"SecDev is sure enough to send us two thousand clicks out of the way to find out. Satellite photos didn't detect the heat signatures of any active aerial defenses and the frigates didn't pick up any active radar. The facility's there, but it's either dormant or hiding," Mayogna answered.

"Well I'm hoping for the former: check it out, take what we want and get outta here. Antarctica's nice and all, but the climate just doesn't agree with me," the pilot replied with an audible touch of irony.

"Just keep the bird flying and you'll be back on a nice, warm frigate in no time," Mayogna laughed.

"Chopper two here, I swear we just flew over a SAM emplacement. Good coating of snow on it, but if those weren't vertical launch tubes, I haven't spent the past five years flying choppers for SecDev."

"Probably were, but you're still airborne aren't you? They either don't know we're here, or don't care," Mayogna reiterated for the other chopper's pilot.

Mayogna's pilot didn't give him a chance to respond. "Approaching the LZ, get your team ready Lieutenant."

"You heard the man, out and hit the ground soon as we land."

The Black Hawk defended, outside the window the ground grew closer until they were almost touching it, then both doors were sliding open and white-armored soldiers were jumping from the helicopter to the ground below, a helipad revealed only once the chopper's blades had swept it clear of snow and ice. Seconds later the Black Hawk was airborne again.

"Secure and clear the LZ!" Mayogna shouted, standing and taking position on a side of the circle of soldiers advancing out from the center of the helipad.

The snow-covered scenery was still, the only movement was other white-clad soldiers, white pulse rifles at their soldiers, and all sounds were hidden by the two choppers above them.

"Chopper Two coming in for a landing, standby by." The second chopper decended rapidly, slowing just meters above the ground, kicking up a shower of snow and ice as it touched down. A second wave of soldiers jumped out and the second chopper was airborne again, up in the air, and gone from view. The sunlight glittered blindingly off the icey ground, but nothing stirred save for the last bits of snow settling back to the ground.

"LZ secure, sir," Private Tirado reported.

"Roger that, we proceed into the complex," Mayogna lowered his rifle and relaxed, slightly. Crossing the helipad toward the entrance to the complex, he could not help but notice the massive logo on the helipad, swept clear by the second helicopter.

Artemis Global.

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