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(**Private & Encrypted Communique To UFE**)
[i]Closed to myself & Triyun[/i]

[font="Lucida Console"][quote]Greetings,[/font]

[font="Lucida Console"]With the rise of my Imperial administration, Burma has seen begun it's ascent towards greatness. It is however a slow and delicate process, and while our nation has the potential for many technological developments. It's many months and years away from having the adequate support structures and infrastructure to see the goal. However, with hostilities around the world escalating at alarming rates the Kingdom of Burma finds itself particularly vulnerable, being a young nation still seeking it's footing in the world. Thus, it is my hope that with your assistance Burma may sleep at night safe and confident in it's ability to defend itself.[/font]

[font="Lucida Console"]Hence I request the best aircraft and naval vessels available to purchase. These initial craft will serve as the basis of our forces and when the time comes that we may design and develop our own we'd like to use these models as a basis for our augmentation and improvements.[/font]

[b][font="Georgia"]Signed[/font][/b][font="Palatino Linotype"], Emperor Theippan Pa I of Mandalay[/quote][/font]

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[quote]To His Imperial Highness Theippan Ma I of Mandlay:

Triyunican Engineering will be sending you the F/A-47-D Export Plus version for field trials. The F/A-47-D is a medium weight twin engine multi role fighter. Chongqing Heavy Industries will be sending its F/A-23 Super Widow II export plus version for field trials with similar capabilities in that catagory. Triyunican Engineering will also send the F/A-66 lightweight air superiority fighter export plus for field trials as well.

For strategic bombers, Chongqing Heavy Industries will be sending you the latest version of the Tu-160 Sino for field trials with the latest stand off weapons platform legal for export.

We invite you to send delegations to strategic naval reserves in Cam Ranh Bay and Kiaohsiung to evaluate our warships.


Kai Ruyi, Director of Foreign Armaments[/quote]

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[quote][font="Lucida Console"]Thank you,[/font]

[font="Lucida Console"]I look forward to seeing these models being tried in the field. Already I have begun preparations for my ablest Air-command officials to be in attendance of these trials. Among other military advisers and experts of course. We will begin trials soon on the air-craft.[/font]

[font="Lucida Console"]Furthermore, I have dispatched Senior Admiral Gin Ji Chong and an entourage of naval officers to observe your craft. They have left for Cam Ranh Bay upon a military cargo-plane (C17 #19201)...nothing luxurious but enough to get them into UFE air-space and back to Burma. Once the C17 reaches UFE airspace the pilot should begin to raise your air-traffic controllers to designate a landing zone as well as escort to a designated UFE air-base. I of course leave it to you to guide these men onto to docks of Cam Ranh Bay & Kiaohsiung.[/font]
[size="2"][font="Georgia"][b]Signed[/b][i],[/i][/font][font="Palatino Linotype"][i] Emperor Theippan I[/i][/font][/size]

[font="Arial"][size="2"] [/quote][/size][/font]

[font="Arial"][size="2"](OOC - Up to you if you want to RP the C17 reaching your borders or simply starting it off with the warship inspections and what not.)[/size][/font]

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Classified Encrypted Message to UFE[quote][font="Lucida Console"]To: [size="2"]K[/size][/font][size="2"][font="Lucida Console"]ai Ruyi, Director of Foreign Armaments[/font]
[font="Lucida Console"]From: Emperor Theippan I[/font]

[font="Lucida Console"]We have tested the aircraft and find them all to be more the satisfactory for our countries needs. Our officials noted that they are among the top of the line of current 5th generation craft and would be more then enough to handle our countries defense as well as giving us offensive capabilities should we require it. As such our order will be as followed: [/font]
[/size][list][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]F/A-23D: 300 Units [/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]F/A-47D: 300 Units[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]F/A-66: 300 Units[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]TU-160S: 240 Units[/size][/font][/list][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]We will utilize 25 squadrons of each separate fighter group with 12 planes per squad. Whilst we will also utilize 20 Squadrons of the TU-160.[/size][/font]

[font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]Furthermore our Naval advisers have returned with equally impressive results. Thus our naval requisition will be as followed:[/size][/font]

[list][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]8 Units of the Chongqing Amphibious Transportable Dock LPD's[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]9 units of the Xia Class Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Fast Battleships[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]8 units of the Qin Shi Huang Class Cruisers[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]7 units of the Qing II Class Frigate[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]8 units of the Jade Emperor Class Destroyer[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]4 Units of the Franco Class Ballistic/ Guided Missile Submarine[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]3 Units of the Dragon Class Nuclear Attack Submarine[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]2 units of the Imperial II Class Grand Carrier[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]2 units of the Pacific Wolf Class Stealth Carrier[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]2 units of the Zeon Class Amphibious Assault Carrier[/size][/font][*][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]3 units of the Zheng He Command Class[/size][/font][/list][font="Lucida Console"][size="2"]We are awaiting the final costs of our order, along with estimated completion dates of the order.[/quote][/size][/font]

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[quote]The United Federation of the East will begin immediate work on these orders please wire your total amounts to the Bank of Chongqing. Our forces will begin immediate transfer of 3 squadrons of F/A-47s which will be followed up as units are ready. Kiaohsiung, Tianjin, Wuhan, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen Shipyards have all been slated for ship building orders. Unit production for aircraft will be done across China with Chengdu Aeronautic, Chongqing Heavy Industries, and Triyunican Engineering as contractors to maximize efficiency.[/quote]

Classified: Many of the units produced for aircraft would be expedited using UFE current airframes, being majorly overhauled and refurbished for new use (especially new engine blocs) for expedited delivery, while much of the money was diverted to begin increasing early production lines on the UFEs newer 6th Gen fighter to expedite the move past LIRP.

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[font="Lucida Console"]
[font="Lucida Console"]Classified to UFE[/font]
[/font][font="Lucida Console"][quote]Encrypted Wire Tranfer To Bank of Chongqing.[/font]
[font="Lucida Console"]Pin # xxxxxxxxxxxx

[font="Lucida Console"]Date: April 25th, 2011 (3:34 AM)[/font]

[font="Lucida Console"]Amount: $130,000,000,000 Bancor from The Kingdom of Burma National Treasury.[/font]

[font="Lucida Console"]Signed: [/font][font="Palatino Linotype"]Emperor Theippan I of Mandalay[/quote][/font]

[font="Arial"]The transfer was a vast undertaking from the Kingdom of Burma, it would deplete the discretionary reserve treasury entirety. However the burgeoning nation would be able to make up the amount as it's GDP was uncoiled and it's economy grew.[/font]

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The first arms shipment arrived including 2 Franco Class Ballistic Missile Submarines, a Pacific Wolf Carrier, and 20 squadrons of each type of plane. Aboard the Franco Class Ballistic Missile Submarines sat a secret package 5 19 megaton warhead equipped SLBMs mixed in with conventional armaments orders. Additionally 5 cruise missile launched 150 kiloton enhanced radiation were flying aboard the Tu-160s when they landed.

Additionally, the UFE had begun the shipping in via rail and sea of parts for the construction of a jump started uranium enrichment and plutonium reprocessing program in Burma along with sending scientists to help oversea the construction. Additionally parts were provided for the construction of ballistic missiles of various ranges from intercontinental to battlefield use. Rocket scientists would also be provided to help the Burmese out in developing their own delivery systems.

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*Classified*Upon arrival the Franco Class Subs & Pacific Wolf Carriers would be stationed in the harbors of St. Martin's Island in along the northern Burmese coast which sat upon the Bay of Bengal. The SLBM's would remain on board the Franco-Class subs however none would be armed at the present, simply there on board in case a need arose to use them. The Tu-160's would be stationed in Rangoon airfields there payloads sitting unarmed until otherwise loaded.

All further naval and air craft would be stationed in Rangoon or Dakhinpara. Until the the full compliment of forces had arrived the deployments would be the same.

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