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Padraig Rua

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[center][b]A new nation has emerged onto the stage, and this nation is Prussia![/b][/center]

[b][center]The Government[/center][/b]

[center]Prussia is an absolute monarchy ruled over by Johann von Fichtenstein, Prussia's first Kaiser. Ruling below the Kaiser is the Imperial Council which is made up of 20 people. They are elected into the Council by being voted in by the people of the Prussia every five years.[/center]

[b][center]The Kaiser of Prussia[/center][/b]

[center]The Kaiser of Prussia is Prussia's supreme leader. The First Kaiser of Prussia is Johann von Fichtenstein. The Kaiser acts as representative to other nations, is Supreme Commander of the Prussian Army and is the person to sign Bills into law. The Kaiser can dismiss government members. If the Kaiser passes away, his son is to take the throne. If there is no successor then the closest relatives to the Imperial family are to become the new line of Kaisers.[/center]

[center][b]Other Information (Will be updated)[/b][/center]

[b]Cities:[/b] Pilsen, Budweis, Eger and New Berlin

[b]Industries:[/b] Forestry, Iron Manufacture, Glass, Dairy, Wheat and Coal

[b]Capital:[/b] New Berlin

[b]Military:[/b] 25,560 Troops

[b]Population:[/b] 4,000,000

[b]Language:[/b] German

[b]Religion:[/b] Christian

[b]National Anthem:[/b] Preußens Gloria

Prussia is excepting diplomats and diplomatic deals.

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[i]We support and welcome the government of Prussia to the world stage.

Note: The current government is the only entity we will support in our former protectorate. Any other governments will be deemed hostile, and the proper action will be taken.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs[/i]

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"Was? Preussen?"

Lord Martens raises his fist and was about to hit his table when Lady Glücksburg stops him.

"They're in Sudetenland. They did not actually try to take [i]our[/i] Prussia."



"Okay then. Maybe our analysts were right. We had pointed out the Germanic Character of the region but we never expected them to actually go this far."


Germanic Union recognizes the nation of Prussia and in fact offers their people protection, although choosing such a name will make things a bit confusing.

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We hereby congratulate the newest incarnation of a once proud Kingdom in Northern Europe. We wish Prussia all the best in this world.


In the capital of Halifax, a band was heard playing [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SBTTUxL76o"]Preußens Gloria[/url] upon hearing of the establishment of the new nation.

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"You remember the War of Austrian Succession, Your Highness?"

Maria turned to Kant and nodded grimly, "Yes, that !@#$%^& Frederick the Great attacked us in Silesia. These 'Prussians' should be wise not to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors."

"I don't think we have anything to worry from them."

"Ancient wounds die hard, Kant."

"Oh. Of course Your Highness."


Austria welcomes Prussia to the world.

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"Your majesty, it appears that the rowdy Prussians have once again birthed themselves on this Earth."

"We shant forget the wounds of the past, certainly, and I believe an eye shall be kept on them"

"So you do recall their part in the downfall of our former Empire, do you, your Majesty?"

"Nobody in our Kingdom shall ever forget such humiliation. Other than that, release a public broadcast of recognition... for now"

"As you wish, Ma'am."


The Kingdom of Sweden welcomes Prussia to the world stage.

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"Mein Kaiser, it seems the Swedish are well established to the North of our nation"

"The Swedish? Ha! I remember our ancestors taking land from their nation in 1720, they were such fools to cross us"

"Yes, and now Stralsund is firmly in German hands"

"Yea but not Prussian my dear fellow"


The Kaiser thanks Sweden for its warm welcome.

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