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Newbie looking for an alliance


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[quote name='acer67' timestamp='1303578019' post='2697820']
I am looking for a good strong alliance that will give me a decent amount of aid and good trade so far i have found nothing could any of you recommend an alliance or could any of you who are in a alliance recruit me pleas.

The new polar order (NpO) has the best aid growth programs in this game.


We also happen to be the BEST Alliance... and we have trade circles. What else can you ask for?

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We here are the MCXA ( Multicolored Cross-X Alliance) have multiple member based aid giveaways to coincide with our government aid programs. We set you up in trade circle and tech deals. All colors are welcomed and we are always looking for new applicants. Does an average of $12 million every 10 days sound good to you? Check us out and feel free to contact me with any questions.


I hope to see you in the forums! If not we wish you the best of luck.

Dookie on Drums
Deputy Minister of Finance

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No alliance is perfect. Instead of just looking for money and trades, look at their values. You are going to want to find one that fits you, that you will want to call home.

Some alliances raid, others do not
Some alliances are warlike, some prefer peace
Some alliances are heavy into the treaty web, some barely touch it.
Some alliances require you to be their color, some are multi-colored, or color-blind.

As a new player, much of this might mean little to you. What will mean a lot is reading their charters (most can be found on the wikia) and even looking here for how they sell themselves.

Pick a few that sound promising, do a bit of research and then check out their forums. When you find the one that calls out to you and says, 'HOME' you will know you are in the right place.

Http://forum.paxcorvus.com is where we reside. We are color-blind, peaceful and have the core values of neutrality, equality, community and honor.

Come visit if that sounds like where you belong.

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