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Veritas Aequitas Announcement


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[b]Connor MacManus:[/b] Creative! It's a creative plan!
[b]Murphy MacManus:[/b] It's ridiculous! Probably based on some stupid s*** ya saw in a movie! And here I am AGAIN all tyin' myself up with rope! What is the deal with you and rope? Honestly!
[b]Connor MacManus:[/b] It happens ta be a useful thing!
[b]Detective Duffy:[/b] You didn't get this from a movie... did you?
[b]Murphy MacManus:[/b] Well?
[b]Connor MacManus:[/b] The "Eiger Sanction," Clint Eastwood! And it worked like a f***ing charm for him!

Yeah, I just wanted an excuse to use that quote. But really, there is something that needs saying.
We have decided it is time to mix things up a little and have a change of scenery, so from this point onward; the official IRC channel for Veritas Aequitas is now #VA
So with that said all those of you, who’re hanging out in the old place, please take the time to stop by the new channel.
There are more changes in the oven and you should stay tuned for more words in the near future.
Have a good one.

-The Veritas Aequitas Government.

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